Love During Lockup fans had entertaining reactions to the new cast

Haley, Max, and Tai
Love During Lockup viewers shared their thought on the cast after the first episode. Pic credit: WeTV

Love After Lockup’s hit new WeTV spinoff Love During Lockup focuses on the budding relationship of people outside of prison and their incarcerated partners. The premiere episode evoked some entertaining reactions from viewers on social media.

The stressful and bizarre nature that these cast members have with their significant other behind bars makes for some very dramatic content that fans are already very interested in.

Many critics online are already judging the cast and it is making for a lot of quality and laughable memes.

Love During Lockup fans had interesting reactions to meeting the new cast

Haley met Dalton when they went to school together growing up but he did not remember her from then. Haley thinks she found her soul mate and has invested 25 thousand dollars into him from money that she got in a car accident settlement instead of spending it on her child’s future.

On Twitter, one observer made a meme of a gif of someone laughing saying, “You’re so stupid.”

The caption that accompanied it said, “Dalton doesn’t remember her, but now all the sudden can’t get enough of her – news flash, when he gets out he’ll forget you again – she better save that $ for her and her kid.”

Indie told her family about her relationship with Harry and her mom, who is a bounty hunter, totally lost it over the fact her daughter was with an inmate.

One person who saw the comedy in the situation used a meme where they pointed out, “Her mom is a bounty hunter and she’s dating a prisoner. The producers outdid themselves this season.”

Gabby revealed that her fiance Chris who is locked up had given her $60,000 in settlement money to use on herself which had one fan page on Twitter remarking, “This one has the reverse hustle going on (laughing/crying emojis).”

Love During Lockup viewers found out that Tai was not only communicating and committed to Hottie, but also to several other inmates who she was constantly rotating and juggling.

This notion led one onlooker to make a meme of a gif of Steve Harvey saying, “Oh, you crazy!”

They followed the meme up with a caption saying, “Tai bout to end up on the ID channel playing with all of these jail birds.”

Max introduced himself as a fit and intelligent man in his early twenties who prides himself on his good skincare routine but also divulged that he was looking for love with inmates and found Tara. His first message to her was shared during the episode and was fodder for critics.

A viewer shared a still of Max’s message from the episode and added, “Why would Max think ‘I’m gonna Google caged ladies’ he should just spend his time on his facial regime.”

What can Love During Lockup viewers expect this debut season?

Love During Lockup viewers can expect a whole lot of chaos and turmoil as they watch the cast members try to navigate their complicated connections.

A trailer released at the end of the first episode depicted emotional moments where there was either volatility or TMI among moments of panic and duress.

Viewers will have to keep watching to find out all the crazy situations Love During Lockup is going to produce.

Love During Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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