Love During Lockup exclusive: Is it over for Shonta and True?

Love During Lockup is coming in hot this season. The couples find it hard to navigate some of their relationship issues, and trust is one of the biggest obstacles many face. Last week, viewers watched as Joey learned he wasn’t getting the whole truth, and this week, Shonta and True are going through it. In


Exclusive: Love During Lockup’s Joey is headed for major blindside

Love During Lockup is back with a new season and new couples. Joey is holding on to Michael as he remains incarcerated. He thought Michael would be gone for up to a year, but Joey gave him the runaround after a court date. In this Monsters and Critics exclusive Love During Lockup clip, Joey is


Asonta from Love After Lockup dead after car accident

It’s been a tough weekend for the family and friends of Asonta Gholston — real name Lacitrus Asonta Gholston. The Love During Lockup star passed away after a police chase turned deadly. Asonta was paired with Raneka during the current season of Love During Lockup, and the couple was expected to air in the upcoming


Love During Lockup exclusive: Andy’s friend JR warns him about Brittney

Buckle up Love During Lockup fans, because it’s about to get real. A new season is upon us, which means new couples to invest in (and judge) as the season plays out. Andy and Brittney are an unlikely couple, and we love that Love During Lockup. He’s a former cop, and she is currently serving


Love During Lockup finale exclusive: Mark chooses Lexi

Love During Lockup may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean Mark’s love life is wrapping up. He had been talking to various inmates but decided to go exclusive with Lexi. As he celebrates his 30th birthday, he reveals to his mom that he took the next step with Lexi after she observes


Love During Lockup exclusive: Melissa gets a reality check

Love During Lockup couple Melissa and Louie face reality in this week’s episodes. Melissa reveals it has finally hit her that Louie is in prison, not just living in another state. She had known him from high school, but they hadn’t been in contact for years. There have been rumors about Louie and his involvement


Love During Lockup exclusive: Jessica’s visit with Dustin is terminated

Love During Lockup couple Jessica and Dustin haven’t had it easy. She worked in the DOC system and knew him while in prison. Despite no longer being a part of the Department of Justice, Jessica believes the system is trying to work against her and Dustin. Jessica visits Dustin in Nassau County jail in this


Love During Lockup exclusive: Chelsea meets Mike’s family

Love During Lockup couple Mike and Chelsea moved forward in their relationship. In this week’s episode of the WEtv show, Chelsea meets Mike’s family. They are all hearing, and communicating with her isn’t as easy as they thought. However, his mom does her best so that Chelsea can read her lips. Apparently, Mike suffered a


Love During Lockup exclusive: Mark has an idea for SinCer-A

Love During Lockup is getting more interesting as the weeks go on. This week, Mark will try to talk SinCer-A into something that may even be too crazy for her. She isn’t due to be released until December 2027 at the very least, which means there are, at minimum, five years before the two can


Love During Lockup exclusive: Jessica goes to Tennessee

Jessica and Dustin are a new couple on Love During Lockup. She is based in Florida, and his family lives in Tennessee. The couple plans to marry when he is released. However, their communication is limited as Dustin is in the box. Bailey, Jessica’s daughter, is going with her mom to Tennessee to meet Dustin’s