Asonta from Love After Lockup dead after car accident

Asonta from Love During Lockup
Asonta Gholston has passed away. Pic credit: @asonta_92/Instagram

It’s been a tough weekend for the family and friends of Asonta Gholston — real name Lacitrus Asonta Gholston.

The Love During Lockup star passed away after a police chase turned deadly.

Asonta was paired with Raneka during the current season of Love During Lockup, and the couple was expected to air in the upcoming season of Love After Lockup.

Raneka shared a post about the death of Asonta, revealing he passed away. The situation between them wasn’t great, as it has been shown their relationship was off and on, which her post also referred to as she announced his passing.

The circumstances surrounding what led to the police chase aren’t clear, but Asonta hit another vehicle at a high rate of speed, injuring four juveniles and costing him his life.

This leaves plenty of questions about how things will proceed with Love During Lockup and the new season of Love After Lockup.

Asonta Gholston dead after fleeing from police

Raneka Hayes was among the first to announce Asonta Gholston’s passing, revealing she would also love him.

She wrote, “We always beefing & I ain’t never put my pride aside, but he know imma be on his a**. May your soul rest in peace Juwhop. I will always love u more than any women that stepped on earth & I mean et from the bottom of my soul 💔#RestInPeaceAsonta #1212 #Soul2Soul Juixe Mann 🥲

Raneka Hayes announced Asonta's passing
Raneka Hayes revealed Asonta Gholston’s passing. Pic credit: @ranekah/Facebook

It seems that Asonta had been in and out of trouble since his release earlier this year and was no longer with Raneka, despite her moving to Georgia to be with him. However, she appeared to be still involved with him on some level based on her message.

A local radio station revealed the crash resulted from a police chase, leaving four teens injured and Asonta Gholston dead.

Love After Lockup franchise deaths

Asonta Gholston’s death isn’t the only one from the franchise throughout the show and its spinoffs airing — it’s just the latest.

Scott Davey, Alla Subbotina, and Tracie Wagaman passed away after appearing on Love After Lockup.

While Asonta’s passing wasn’t a result of an overdose, it hits home for many who watch the show and relate to the experience some couples have had.

As of writing this, no obituary has been shared with the public. Asonta leaves behind children and a girlfriend, who is pregnant with his child.

How Love During Lockup and Love After Lockup will proceed following his death remains unclear, but it’s expected they will address it at some point.

Love During Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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