Asonta from Love After Lockup obituary and service details revealed

Asonta Gholston (real name Lacitrus Gholston) from Love After Lockup passed away earlier this month. The car he was driving was speeding, and when he attempted to pass, he lost control and hit another vehicle head-on. He died in the accident, but the teens in the other vehicle were unharmed. News of Asonta’s death made


Asonta from Love After Lockup dead after car accident

It’s been a tough weekend for the family and friends of Asonta Gholston — real name Lacitrus Asonta Gholston. The Love During Lockup star passed away after a police chase turned deadly. Asonta was paired with Raneka during the current season of Love During Lockup, and the couple was expected to air in the upcoming


Life After Lockup Exclusive Interview: Shawn and Sara talk new season

Monsters and Critics got to chat with Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac about the upcoming season of Life After Lockup that premieres on Friday. The entertaining couple answered questions about how they hope to be perceived this season and what viewers can expect, and they opened up about their real lives ahead of the anticipated


Love After Lockup exclusive: Lacey calls out Antoine’s actions

Love After Lockup is coming to an end, and the season finale might end more than just the show. Lacey and Antoine have been rocky since his release, with things continuously getting worse as filming went on. She left her husband for him, held him down while he was locked up, and now, it’s not


Love After Lockup exclusive: Indie’s mom pops up

Things are going well for Indie and her boyfriend, Harry. The two initially debuted on Life During Lockup and moved to Love During Lockup upon his release. Indie and Harry’s relationship has deteriorated as the weeks have gone on. In this exclusive clip for this week’s Love After Lockup, Indie’s mom unexpectedly popped up on


Love After Lockup exclusive: Branwin talks to Aaron while Chazz is in a hotel alone

All isn’t exactly well with Branwin and Chazz after they tied the knot. The Love After Lockup couple should be spending their wedding night together, but they aren’t. Instead, Chazz is in a hotel room, and Branwin lives with someone else while talking on the phone with her ex-boyfriend, Aaron. Chazz explains to his sister


Love After Lockup exclusive: Raydean needs time away from Rick

Love After Lockup couple Rick and Raydean are not on the same page, even after five years of dating. After a month in a halfway house, Raydean is finally free. The initial plan was to stay with Rick, but now, she wants to stay with her parents. She has already revealed he exasperated her, which


Exclusive: Tayler George talks Love After Lockup

Taylor and Chance are one of the new couples from the latest season of WEtv’s hit, Love After Lockup. They appear to be the ones who may make it, especially considering some of the other couples are already having issues with cheating and secrets. Monsters and Critics had a chance to speak with Tayler George


Love After Lockup exclusive: Raydean has a secret she’s keeping

Love After Lockup fans watched as Rick got the news that Raydean’s release was delayed. The biker was ready to get his woman, and everything seemingly changed. However, Raydean was able to get a furlough to spend the holiday with her family as she appears in this week’s episode of the WEtv show. During her


Love After Lockup fans are sounding off on this prison release day outfit

Season 4 of Love After Lockup is only in its second episode, but it is proving to have the familiar and ridiculous entertainment value that fans have come to love. In particular, viewers can not get over an outfit worn by Kaylah on Martel’s release day. On Twitter, Love After Lockup fans sounded off of