Life After Lockup Exclusive Interview: Shawn and Sara talk new season

Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac
Life After Lockup stars Shawn and Sara gave an interview with Monsters and Critics. Pic credit: WE tv

Monsters and Critics got to chat with Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac about the upcoming season of Life After Lockup that premieres on Friday.

The entertaining couple answered questions about how they hope to be perceived this season and what viewers can expect, and they opened up about their real lives ahead of the anticipated show.

Love After Lockup viewers watched Shawn move his whole life to Ohio and leave his ex-wife and kids behind in Las Vegas last season. Shawn made the move to pursue a relationship with Sara before ever meeting her.

While the pair got off to a rocky start, their communication progressed, culminating in their relationship heating up and Sara finding out she was pregnant.

Before Sara revealed to Shawn that she was pregnant, Shawn planned on proposing to Sara anyways.

This season of Life after Lockup will follow their road to the altar and several obstacles with Shawn’s past that will stand in the way.

Shawn and Sara stated that this season will pick up where the last one left off and bring viewers to their present-day lives.

Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac weighed in on the upcoming season of Life After Lockup

Monsters and Critics asked Shawn and Sara if they were excited or nervous about this new season of Life After Lockup.

Sara began, “I think we’re excited,” a sentiment that Shawn echoed.

Shawn remarked, “We’re excited because I think this is going to be a good season for us. Like, I think that last season you know, some people say we were kind of boring, whatever, you know what I mean, but I think this season we leave it all out. But you know you’re always nervous because you don’t know some of the comments that will come out.”

Sara added, “I think it’s much more different when you’re actually going through it and living it than to actually watch it back because seeing yourself actually puts a different perspective on it.”

Shawn and Sara were then asked, “Is there one kind of way you guys are hoping to be perceived this season or are you guys just open to however people see you?

Sara replied, “Well, I think this season we’re hoping to be seen for more of who we really are versus, you know, me and him both have certain stigmas on us, I guess. So it’s like we said, this season is much more exciting, more interesting. A lot more stuff is going on, and at the end of the day, we were much more open, I guess.”

Shawn shared, “Like maybe before we were kind of a little bit closed off, or you get the cameras in your face and you kind of maybe watch what you say instead of being yourself, you know. So I think this season we are going to be way more of ourselves, and you are going to see us, and I think it’s going to be way more exciting.”

Shawn Oborne and Sara Isaac talked about their social media presence

Monsters and Critics asked Shawn and Sara, “You guys don’t have much of a social media presence. Is that going to change?”

Sara answered, “We kind of didn’t [post] because you know [there are] a lot of things that are going on in our life that would spoil a lot of the things, I guess, so we just kind of watch what we post maybe. But yeah, after this season [airs] definitely be [posting] a lot more [catch] up with things.”

Shawn added, “But I work a lot, and I know she’s been busy a little bit.”

Sara answered the same question by saying, “You know, life just kind of gets away from you in real life, so it’s like we know we should be more active on social media, and that is something that we are gonna try to do you know coming up, but like you said before it didn’t really just kind of fit. And you know, at the end of the day, sometimes social media can be a blessing and curse.”

Sara continued, “Like you get the good with the bad. Like there were certain points that stuff was just so bad that we were like ‘what’s the point of posting something,’ because it’s just going to be a bunch of negative stuff, you know? We don’t need that, you know what I mean? Like we have enough bull crap that we don’t need everybody else [to know].”

Sara did point out, “I think some of it is nice and encouraging, which we recently just posted something for like the first time ever, and you know we actually got a lot of good. So that kind of encouraged us … when the season airs, we’ll probably be more active on there.”

Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac opened up about how they deal with criticism

Monsters and Critics asked Shawn and Sara, “How do you deal with criticism when you do get it? Or do you tend to just ignore it or take it with a grain of salt?”

Sara answered, “All of the above. I mean, at first, it really hit me really hard. It was all new to me, you know [Shawn’s] been on prior to me, so he kind of already knew how to handle it, and I really didn’t, so I let it affect me a lot in the beginning, and I would comment back to people and get just unnecessary you know stuff.”

Sara explained, “And I decided to pull away from that, and honestly, I’m much happier with that. I only plan on engaging with positive people at this point, moving forward, and taking it with a grain of salt. And you know people are entitled to their opinions and how they feel is how they feel. Nothing I can do or say can change that.”

Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac commented on several other Life After Lockup topics

The idea of having a Love After Lockup/Life After Lockup end of the season Tell All was brought up, and both Shawn and Sara said they would like to see that happen.

They both talked about being fans of the show in general and the other couples and remarked that they were caught up with the other seasons and spinoffs.

Shawn and Sara said that they do get approached and recognized in their day-to-day lives by fans who have mostly stayed respectful and supportive of them.

Life After Lockup fans should buckle up for another wild season full of drama and entertainment.

A new season of Life After Lockup premieres Friday, July 29 at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.

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