Love After Lockup fans are sounding off on this prison release day outfit

Kaylah Love After Lockup
Love After Lockup viewers are talking about a release day outfit choice in a certain location. Pic credit: WEtv

Season 4 of Love After Lockup is only in its second episode, but it is proving to have the familiar and ridiculous entertainment value that fans have come to love. In particular, viewers can not get over an outfit worn by Kaylah on Martel’s release day.

On Twitter, Love After Lockup fans sounded off of Kaylah’s all-white mini dress with white high heels that laced up. Her outfit was worn in a bus depot, where she stood walking around with a little bag for hours as she waited for her boyfriend of 13 years to get released from prison.

Martel had dictated the kind of outfit he wanted her to wear to pick him up, and she obliged along with the choice to not wear any underwear underneath.

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The outfit and locale mix made Love After Lockup fans turn their heads and react on Twitter.

One outfit choice on Love After Lockup is being roasted by viewers

Many Love After Lockup fans flocked to Twitter to talk about Kaylah’s outfit worn to pick Martel up. To that end, Kaylah brought up how she wanted a wedding ring worth 40k from Martel.

While Martel asked Kaylah to wear the revealing dress with high heels, the location she ended up wearing it coupled with the outfit’s style and her hopes for the relationship rubbed viewers the wrong way.

One critic shared a screenshot from the episode of Kaylah from the neck down and remarked, “Kayla again with the 40k ring. Ma’am your outfit screams Rainbow summer clearance.”

Another person urged Kaylah, “Honey, people are gonna think you’re soliciting sitting there with no pannies.”

Another account pointed out, “How does she not have metal chafing ummmm her private parts?”

Yet again, there was someone else who commented, “She gonna get picked up before he gets let out.”

What can viewers expect this season on Love After Lockup?

As the felons get released from prison and attempt to reenter society in relationships, problems of varying degrees and sizes will arise for everyone involved.

Whether it’s disrespectful behavior, cheating scandals, encounters with cops, or turbulent misunderstandings and bad periods of adjustment, Love After Lockup fans should buckle up for what is to come this season.

Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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