Exclusive: Tayler George talks Love After Lockup

Tayler in her Love After Lockup confessional.
Tayler dished about filming Love After Lockup and all the drama that goes with it. Pic credit: WEtv

Taylor and Chance are one of the new couples from the latest season of WEtv’s hit, Love After Lockup.

They appear to be the ones who may make it, especially considering some of the other couples are already having issues with cheating and secrets.

Monsters and Critics had a chance to speak with Tayler George about her journey on Love After Lockup and her relationship with Chance.

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Tayler George talks about how she found Love After Lockup

How the cast members find the show or the show finds them is always an interesting topic. There are various ways to get tapped for the WEtv story, but Tayler hadn’t watched the show before signing on with her then-incarcerated boyfriend, Chance.

Interestingly enough, Tayler found Love After Lockup in a group she was a part of for prison wives and girlfriends. Again, she did not watch any of the previous seasons, so the mom-of-three was going into this blind and without a favorite couple.

The good news is, as far as regrets go, Tayler doesn’t have any real ones. She mentioned that she wished her house had been cleaner while filming, but being a single mom of three little girls has its challenges. Tayler also wished she hadn’t laughed as much as she did. It was an emotional response, and when she was waiting on Chance to be released or dealing with something, her go-to was laughing.

As for the backlash Tayler receives on social media because of her choice to involve her girls in her life with Chance, Tayler revealed it was a natural introduction. She talked to and got to know Chance for seven months before the girls had contact with him. Easing into things is how it happened, and based on the recent episode, it seems the girls are enjoying having him around.

Tayler talks people’s preception and advice for others in similar situations as they wait for release day

Love After Lockup viewers have a lot to say about the couples they see on the show. Tayler is often labeled “naive” or “stupid,” though she is neither. Tayler revealed that she just has a very friendly personality. She also has accrued several college credits, which are a testament to her not being “stupid,” as some have claimed.

When asked about advice she’d give others in similar situations with a newly-released significant other getting acquainted with life on the outside, patience is key, according to Tayler. Lots of patience and understanding, especially for those who do long sentences because the world has changed so much.

To see how things play out between Tayler and Chance, tune into Love After Lockup and follow their journey.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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