Love During Lockup exclusive: Mark has an idea for SinCer-A

Mark from Love During Lockup.
Mark comes up with an idea for SinCer-A’s early release. Pic credit: WEtv

Love During Lockup is getting more interesting as the weeks go on.

This week, Mark will try to talk SinCer-A into something that may even be too crazy for her.

She isn’t due to be released until December 2027 at the very least, which means there are, at minimum, five years before the two can see each other on the outside.

That sparked Mark to think of ways she could be released early, and he came up with getting her pregnant. That’s right, he met her on a prison pen pal site and already wants to impregnate her.

In this exclusive clip from Love During Lockup, Mark tells SinCer-A that he wants to get her pregnant so she can be released early. However, she isn’t keen on the idea.

Mark has been donating sperm and has two biological children. He mentioned he did it to help out two couples struggling and his interest in what his kids would look like.

When he suggested passing her a vial of sperm during visitation, SinCer-A balked at the idea. Mark was totally serious, but she was worried about being put on restriction, and with an upcoming visit from her baby brother, she wasn’t risking anything.

Be sure to tune in Friday night to find out what else transpires between Mark and SinCer-A on Love During Lockup.

Love During Lockup airs Fridays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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