Prince William insisted he did not want Meghan to attend Diana statue unveiling, Royal watcher claims

Prince William did not want Meghan to attend the Diana statue unveiling ceremony in July. Pic credit: ©

Prince William reportedly insisted he did not want Meghan Markle to attend the unveiling of the Diana statue in July, a Royal commentator has claimed.

The unveiling of a statue in honor of Diana, Princess of Wales, will take place on the grounds of Kensington Palace on July 1. The ceremony will be attended by members of the Royal Family, including Prince Harry.

However, Harry is expected to travel to the U.K. alone. His wife, Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, won’t attend the ceremony, sources have revealed.

July 1 marks the 60th anniversary Diana, Princess of Wales’, birthday. Diana died in a tragic car crash in Paris in 1997 at the age of 36.

Meghan won’t attend Diana statue unveiling partly because William insisted

Meghan’s decision not to attend the unveiling was partly influenced by William’s insistence, according to Royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths.

Griffiths told MailPlus’ Palace Confidential that Prince William insisted he did not want Meghan to attend the unveiling ceremony because of the tensions she caused between members of the Royal Family in the wake of Megxit, Express reported.

“This decision and this whole thing was 50 percent William,” Griffiths told Palace Confidential. “Diana is his mother too. He makes a point about that regularly behind closed doors. This was not the right time to bring Meghan in because there is so much tension between William and Meghan particularly.”

Griffiths added that after naming her daughter in honor of Diana, Meghan would normally be expected to attend the unveiling. But due to the Megxit tensions, the Royals don’t want her to attend the family event.

Although Meghan won’t be attending the statue unveiling ceremony partly because William doesn’t want her there, the Sussexes’ official line remains that Meghan isn’t attending because she just gave birth to her second child earlier in the month.

Meghan ‘won’t be missed’ at the Diana statue unveiling, Royal commentator said

Meanwhile, a Royal watcher has said Meghan won’t attend the unveiling event in July and that she “won’t be missed.”

“There will be a no show from Meghan Markle at the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana next month,” Royal watcher Andrew Pierce said. “She won’t be missed.”

Tensions flared between the Sussexes and members of the Royal Family after Meghan accused them of neglect and racism.

She alleged the Royals did not want her son Archie to be a prince because of his mixed heritage. She also claimed they failed to help when she reported she was having suicidal thoughts.

Prince Harry will ‘fly in and fly out’ of the U.K. on the same day

Monsters & Critics reported that royal watcher Daisy McAndrew said that Harry is expected to “fly in and fly out” of the U.K. to attend the Diana statue unveiling on the same day.

The Royal watcher said the Duke of Sussex’s brief visit was due to tensions between him and Royal Family members.

Harry was reportedly shocked by the cold reception he allegedly received when he visited the U.K. in April to attend the burial of his grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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1 year ago

July 1st DOES NOT mark her death it is her birthday! Such idiots! How dare you call yourself a reporter!

Anne Knight
Anne Knight
1 year ago

Diana, Princess of Wales died on 31 August 1997. If you can’t get that right how reliable is the rest of this item?