Meghan Markle posed with Kate Middleton magazine cover in photo taken two years before she met Harry

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle was “clearly a fan” of Kate Middleton before she married Prince Harry, royal writer claimed.
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A photo showing Meghan Markle posing with a Kate Middleton magazine cover that surfaced on social media earlier this week sparked a debate between Meghan and Kate Middleton’s fans.

The photo sparked a conversation on Twitter after it was revealed that it was taken two years before Meghan met Prince Harry.

Royal writer Dan Wootton uploaded the image to Twitter on Monday (see below). It shows the Duchess of Sussex posing with a friend while holding up a magazine. The cover of the magazine features Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

The photo was reportedly taken in 2014, two years before Meghan met her future husband, Prince Harry.

Meghan and Prince Harry met on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend in July 2016. They got engaged months later, in November 2017. They tied the knot in May 2018 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

It was not the first time that the photo was shared on social media. Royal fans first unearthed the image and shared it on social media in 2019, according to the Daily Mail’s Dan Wootton.

The Duchess of Sussex was a Suits actress at the time the photo was taken.

Meghan played the paralegal Rachel Zane on the USA Networks’ legal series Suits for seven seasons. She left the series in 2017 to marry Prince Harry.

Meghan and Kate’s fans react on social media

The photo sparked mixed reactions on social media, including Twitter.

Some Kate Middleton fans suggested it provided evidence that Meghan was not being truthful when she claimed during her interview with Oprah in March that she never researched the Royal Family before she married Prince Harry and that she was unprepared for royal life.

However, Meghan’s fans defended her. One Meghan fan slammed Wootton and Kate supporters for “obsessing over Meghan” and claimed their “obsession” with the Duchess of Sussex has only made her more popular.

Another Meghan supporter claimed the magazine featuring Kate Middleton was given to the Duchess of Sussex on the set of Suits.

Meghan was “clearly a fan of Kate” before she married Harry

Some Kate supporters claimed the photo suggested that Meghan was a Kate fan “deep down” and that she fell out with the Duchess of Cambridge due to “jealousy.”

Royal watcher Wootton also claimed that Meghan was “clearly a fan of Kate before she joined the Royal Family.”

Meghan reportedly praised Kate during an interview before her wedding to Prince Harry, saying that the Duchess of Cambridge was “amazing,” “wonderful,” and “supportive.”

Kate and Meghan fell out after she married Harry

Despite Meghan being a fan of Kate before she joined the Royal Family, she “fell out” with Kate after her wedding to Harry.

Media reports claimed that Meghan and Kate first clashed during Meghan’s wedding rehearsal. They reportedly clashed over the choice of outfits for the bridesmaids, including Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte.

They reportedly had a heated exchange after Markle disagreed with Kate’s suggestion that the bridesmaids wear tights. The exchange left Kate in tears, the Daily Mail reported.

However, Meghan claimed during her interview with Oprah that contrary to media reports that she made Kate cry, it was Kate who made her cry.

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