Meghan Markle spent ‘an awful lot of time’ researching and compiled ‘a big binder of notes’ ahead of first official engagement

Meghan Markle
The Duchess of Sussex worked hard to learn about and adjust to Royal life, a royal watcher has claimed. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle reportedly worked hard and spent “an awful lot of time” researching and planning for her first official engagement after she married Prince Harry.

According to royal watcher, Ashley Pearson, the Duchess of Sussex worked hard to learn about Royal Family life and to adjust to her duties as a working member of the Royal Family.

She compiled a “big binder of notes” and devoted an “awful lot of time” to research while preparing for her first official engagement, according to Express.

Pearson claimed on Amazon Prime’s documentary Meghan Markle: Changing Traditions (2020), that Meghan carried a heavy dossier of notes compiled ahead of her first official engagement.

Meghan ‘hit the ground running’ after she joined the Royal Family

Royal watchers noted that Meghan quickly became deeply immersed in her work as a senior member of the Royal Family after she married Harry.

She reportedly “hit the ground running” after she joined the Royal Family.

Shortly after their wedding in May 2018, Meghan and Harry went on their first official tour as Royals. They visited New Zealand, Fiji, and the Kingdom of Tonga in October 2018.

Meghan was seen getting off the plane carrying ‘a big binder of notes’

Pearson said Meghan did her homework before she traveled with Harry to the South Pacific islands and New Zealand, and the Duchess carried a “big binder of notes” while getting off the airplane.

Meghan must have spent “an awful lot of time figuring out her clothes, knowing she would be scrutinized at every minute, as well as planning speeches, remarks, memorizing the names of the people they would be meeting,” the royal watcher added.

The couple also traveled to Southern Africa in September 2019, shortly before their bombshell Megxit announcement in January 2020.

Harry warned Meghan Markle in ‘great detail’ about the Royal Family life

The latest news comes after Monsters & Critics reported that royal author Angela Levin claimed Prince Harry said he warned Meghan “in great detail” about the “restrictions and obligations” of royalty.

Levin tweeted the information in response to royal biographer Robert Jobson, who blamed Harry for Megxit, saying he should have prepared Meghan for royal life.

Jobson also said Meghan also should have done her “homework.”

However, the latest claims that Meghan spent “an awful lot of time” preparing for her royal duties appear to contradict previous claims she was unprepared.

Meghan said during her interview with Oprah that she was uninformed and thus unprepared for Royal life. She claimed she “went into it naively” because she knew little about the Royal Family.

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