Meghan Markle is ‘prepared to heal the rift with the Royal Family so long as they apologize to her’

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle wants to heal the rift with the Royal Family but she also wants an apology.
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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly prepared to end her rift with the Royal Family if they apologize, a royal watcher has claimed.

Russell Myers, a royal editor with the Daily Mirror, told talkRADIO host Kevin O’Sullivan that Meghan has said she is ready to move on from the explosive allegations she made against the Royal Family only after she gets an apology.

“Meghan let it be known that she is prepared to heal the rift with the Royal Family so long as they apologize to her,” Myers said, according to Express.

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But the royal editor said the “people in this country” think it is Meghan who owes the Royals an apology.

“I think people in this country think the apology should be coming in the opposite direction, that Harry and Meghan owe our Royal Family a huge apology for outrageously calling them racists,” Myers said.

The royal watcher argued that Megxit tensions won’t end soon and that the British people won’t be seeing Meghan anytime soon.

He added that due to her pregnancy, she would likely miss the unveiling of a statue in honor of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, scheduled for July 1.

Meghan is ‘willing to forgive’ because that is ‘what Prince Philip would want’

The comments by Myers come after Monsters and Critics reported that sources close to the Duchess of Sussex told the Daily Mail she was “willing to forgive and move forward” because that is “what Prince Philip would want.”

Friends of the Duchess also revealed she stayed away from Prince Philip’s funeral because she didn’t “want to be center of attention.”

The sources said the Duchess let Harry decide “whether or not she would attend the funeral” because she understood the funeral offered a chance for Harry to meet the Royals and mend fences with them.

“This [the funeral] is the opportune time for Henry to mend his relationship with his brother and his dad. She [Meghan] doesn’t need to be there for that,” the source said.

Prince Harry ‘won’t back down’ until he gets an apology

Monsters and Critics also reported that a royal insider told Us Weekly that Prince Harry “won’t back down” over the allegations of racism against the Royals until he gets an apology.

The insider said the Royals were facing challenges moving from the explosive allegations the Sussexes made during the Oprah interview because Harry was “hooked on being right” and won’t budge until he gets an apology.

“The problem with Harry is that he’s hooked on being right and regardless of saying he wants to move on from this, he won’t back down until he gets some form of apology from his family,” the source said.

The Sussexes alleged the Royals wanted to deny Archie a royal title and security protection because of his race. She alleged the Royals gave Kate preferential treatment by allowing their three children to have royal titles.

Markle also claimed they failed to protect her from negative media coverage.

Royals must address Meghan’s issues, royal biographer warns

Meanwhile, royal biographer Omid Scobie has warned that the Royals must address the issues that Markle raised during her interview with Oprah.

The ABC News royal contributor said the Royals will have to acknowledge and address the issues regarding Meghan’s experience as a member of the Royal Family during their reconciliation talks with Prince Harry.

Scobie insisted that talks with Harry couldn’t be “just about Harry and William” and that “there are many things that need to be said to the Duchess too.”

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2 years ago

MeGain the narcissistic duchess is full of herself and so is PH. They’re legends in their own minds. They’re nothing but liars, grifters, and ungrateful, entitled fools.

2 years ago

She and Harry should apologise to the Royal Family. Not the other way round. Who does she think she is. If they get cut out of the RF their name will mean nothing. Fame is a fleeting thing but family is forever. She is such a controller. I cant believe Harry cant see through her and her lies. Although he has told many lies too so he is just as bad

Lori of Wisconsin
Lori of Wisconsin
2 years ago

Apologize to this spoiled, entitled twat? That’ll be the day when the royals lick Markel’s boots!!