Meghan Markle was treated the same as Kate Middleton: Palace sources deny preferential treatment allegation

Meghan Markle and Kate
Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were treated the same, Royal aides denied allegations of preferential treatment.
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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, received the same treatment as Kate Middleton when they became Royal Family members, Palace officials have reportedly claimed.

According to Express, royal aides claimed that “no one at the Palace did any more for [Kate] than for Meghan,” but Kate never complained. She adapted to her responsibilities as a member of the Royal Family “without fuss.”

“I can’t recall her [Kate] complaining about anything. No one at the Palace did any more for her than for Meghan,” a source said. “It’s always been the same when someone new arrives in the family – you’re here, you’ll learn, now get on with it. She did. She gives William so much confidence.”

The Palace sources praised Kate for supporting her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and other members of the Royal Family.

They also praised the Duchess of Sussex for supporting the Queen. They said the Queen appreciated Kate’s loyalty and dedication.

“She [Kate] manages to raise the Queen’s spirits. The Queen sees it as quite wonderful that William married such a sensible girl whom the public seem to love for her own sake,” the source added.

Meghan alleged that Kate and her children received preference treatment

Meghan Markle had appeared to suggest during her tell-all interview with Oprah that Kate received preferential treatment.

She accused media outlets of spreading misleading information about her widely reported clash with Kate Middleton before her wedding to Prince Harry.

The women allegedly clashed over the outfits for Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, and other bridesmaids.

Meghan claimed that contrary to media reports that said she upset Kate and made her cry, it was Kate who made her cry. She then accused the Royal Family of protecting Kate by refusing to set the record straight about the incident.

She alleged that the Royal Family refused to protect her from negative media coverage. She claimed that while she was subjected to constant negative media coverage, other members of the Royal Family, including Kate, received more favorable coverage.

Meghan also alleged that the Royals did not want her son, Archie, to have a royal title and security protection although Kate’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, all have royal titles.

The Duchess of Sussex made the damming allegation that the Royals discriminated against her son because of his race.

Markle’s grievance against Kate dates back to Nottingham Cottage, a royal author claimed

The latest news comes after Monsters and Critics reported that Tom Quinn, a royal writer, alleged that Meghan’s beef with Kate started when she and Harry moved into Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace after their wedding in May 2018.

During an appearance on Channel 5’s documentary, Meghan & Harry: Two Troubled Years, Quinn said that Nottingham Cottage was a very small home compared with the Cambridges’ home and that it led to friction between the couples.

However, the Sussexes moved out of the cottage in 2019 to Frogmore Cottage on Home Park, Windsor after it was renovated at a cost of £2.4million ($3.32 million).

Meghan gave birth to Archie in May 2019 while she and Harry lived in Frogmore Cottage.

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2 years ago

Meghan makes me sick!!!

2 years ago

Did they really think they would get away with telling such lies?
She has turned PH into a horrible person.

2 years ago

I wish Meghan would stop complaining. I am sure it was quite a change for her
Her husband gave up alot for her. I detat a little narcissistic coming out in her.