The Curse of Oak Island Season 9: Here’s what’s coming up on the first episode

Marty Lagina throws his hands up
Marty Lagina is often frustrated with the progress on Oak Island but is determined to carry on. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island is returning to the History Channel next week with its Season 9 premiere, and they have finally provided fans with an Episode 1 synopsis and a couple of enticing trailers.

Episode 1 of Season 9 of The Curse of Oak Island will hit our TV screens with a two-hour special on Tuesday, November 2.

Last season, the show ended on a high when geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner uncovered some very compelling evidence that there’s a large quantity of silver buried in the Money Pit area. Simply put, he found traces of silver in the water underground, which implies there’s a large deposit of silver eroding into the water. And where there’s silver, there’s gold too.

Expect a major dig for Season 9 of The Curse of Oak Island

Last year, the guys seemed to have all but given up on the Money Pit, but now, they’ll have real focus, so we can expect a major dig coming onto our screens soon. And the episode synopsis seems to confirm this; it reads:

“Armed with scientific evidence that there are masses of amounts of silver in the soil near the Money Pit, Rick, Marty, and the team return to Oak Island, closer than ever to solving the centuries-old mystery.”

The History Channel has also provided us with two teaser trailers for Season 9. These trailers were very different in style.

The first trailer appeared to show the Laginas in an extremely downbeat mood; Marty (the money man) spoke of being “discouraged” and can even be heard saying, let’s “throw in the towel.”

There were quite strict COVID-19 travel restrictions in place in Canada over the last year, and it’s probably unlikely that the Laginas were even able to visit the island until at least July. So, it’s understandable if this year, the hunt might have seemed like a lost cause.

Lagina brothers don’t quit easily on Oak Island

However, the second trailer showed the brothers in a much more positive light and with renewed determination. We see a far less gloomy Marty arriving on the island; he says, “Hello Oak Island, old friend,” before appearing to state that his target is “ancient Spanish gold.” Rick can be heard saying, “we’re gonna go bigger, and we’re gonna go harder.”

We know that work has been progressing on the island over the summer, with or without the Lagina brothers, as we’ve seen the pictures of heavy machinery arriving.

Meanwhile, fans of Oak Island who think they know the series inside out can now test and prove their knowledge skills with a fun quiz on the History Channel website. There are fifteen questions on general trivia about the island and the treasure mystery; once completed, you’ll then be graded on whether or not you are an amateur or if you’re ready to join the Fellowship of the Dig.

The Curse of Oak Island airs on Tuesday, November 2, at 9/8c on History.

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Joyce McCool
Joyce McCool
2 years ago

I remember reading the 1965 READERS DIGEST ARTICLE about Oak Island and I became very interested in what happened there. I’ve watched every episode of the series and look
forward to the Lagina Brothers returning to Oak Island to solve the mystery of what happened there and to find the treasure.