Is the Curse of Oak Island’s Gary Drayton back on the island? He teases fans with pics, as work on Season 9 begins

Gary Drayton on a boat near Oak Island
Recent pics have left fans wondering if Gary Drayton is back at Oak Island. Pic credit: @gary.drayton/Instagram

The Curse of Oak Island’s ninja metal detection expert Gary Drayton has suggested he may be back on the Nova Scotian island by teasing fans with some very beautiful scenic pictures.

The pictures have left fans wondering if Drayton is already back metal detecting on Oak Island.

Thanks to the guys over at Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway on Facebook, we know that work has already begun on Season 9. The trucks, diggers, and heavy machinery began arriving at the start of last month. It looks like they may be planning a big dig.

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However, as yet, there’s been no sign of any of the cast members.

But, this week, Gary Drayton posted a couple of pics to Instagram which appear to suggest he’s on or very close to Oak Island.

Last night, he posted a picture of a stunning sunset from a landscape that looked suspiciously like eastern Canada. He has previously posted pictures of Mahone Bay, close to Oak Island, and that may be where this was taken.

Gary’s well known for his use of puns on social media and he was at it again with his caption, which read: “Suns down puns down, yeah buoy!” and he included his trademark hashtag #internationalmanofhistory.

Gary is never shy to interact with his fans in the comments, but unfortunately, he’s not yet replied to the folks asking if he’s back at Oak Island.

A second photo from Oak Island?

And a couple of days ago, he posted a sweet picture of a deer. Just like the other pic, this too appeared to be from eastern Canada. Deer have been regularly spotted on Oak Island in the past. In the caption, he quipped: “Getting to know the locals, who knew metal detecting could be so much fawn. #bambidazzler.”

This clearly suggests he’s been doing some work!

So, is Gary Drayton back on Oak Island?

Just like last season, it appears that Season 9 will have a sluggish start this year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nova Scotia has imposed some fairly stringent restrictions on travel into their province. However, there is good news.

Since Monday, July 5, Nova Scotia has been open to international travelers, which means the Florida-based Drayton is now free to make his way there. According to the province’s government website, he may have to quarantine depending on his “vaccination status.”

Unfortunately, Gary has fooled his fans with Instagram posts before; three weeks ago, he posted a photo of himself in a boat off the coast of Oak Island, but when a fan asked if he was back, he replied: “not yet.”

Then, just a week ago, the metal detector further frustrated fans by posting a sunset of Mahone Bay (a very similar pic to last night), but in the comments, he admitted to a fan that it was from 2020.

Crucially though, with the latest pics, he’s not stated that they are old photos. And with the government relaxing travel restrictions, it’s very possible that Gary’s back!

The Curse of Oak Island is currently on hiatus but is expected to return in fall 2021.

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Nancy Martin
Nancy Martin
2 years ago

The pictures are gorgeous and just what we need in the absence of the weekly shows. Onward, Gary!