The Curse of Oak Island: Dr. Ian Spooner says ‘team is getting close to solving the mystery’

Dr. Ian Spooner with Craig Tester on Oak Island
Dr. Ian Spooner (R) plans his scientific survey on Oak Island in the company of Craig Tester. Pic credit: History

Environmental Geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner and The Curse of Oak Island regular says that he honestly believes that the Fellowship of the Dig is getting close to solving the 226-year-old mystery of Oak Island.

He’s also said that he’s committed to solving that mystery and that he’s hoping to find the answers so he can help bring some closure for the Lagina brothers.

The scientist and university professor has become a regular feature on the show; he’s now appeared in 24 episodes. His work on the swamp and in other areas has helped bring a real sense of scientific and academic gravitas to the whole operation.

Although, it should be noted there are tons of other super-qualified folks working on the island too.

Dr. Ian Spooner found evidence of silver at end of Season 8

But in a sense, Dr. Ian Spooner became something of a hero at the end of the last season. In what had been a difficult year, his last-minute scientific study revealed the presence of a large amount of silver buried in the Money Pit area.

Spooner tested the water laying underground and found that it was high in deposits of silver. So high, in fact, that it could only have come from a “dump truck’s” worth of silver buried nearby.

This news means that we can reasonably expect a massive amount of Season 9 to be dedicated to digging up this deposit of precious metal.

But even before this discovery, Spooner was confident of results on the island. Back in March, the former Ph.D. student gave an interview with his old school, the University of Calgary, and told Deb Cummings, “I honestly believe the research team is getting close to solving the mystery.”

Spooner wants answers for Rick and Marty Lagina

Spooner also talked about how he and the team on Oak Island are committed to solving the mystery of what happened on the cursed island.

“What really went on there?” he asked. “It doesn’t have to be a treasure, but we are all committed to understanding what really happened on Oak Island 226 years ago. I want the brothers to have answers.”

The geoscientist also spoke about how working on the island can be tough work. He said the days were often long; usually 7 am to 6 pm, and that the conditions were often hot and muddy, and he admitted that he occasionally got a bit “testy” with the others. Unfortunately or fortunately, he didn’t name any names.

However, he also added: “But when we’re all at dinner that night, or in the research center discussing some new find, I see the camaraderie and co-operation it takes to do what we’re doing.

As well spending his summers working on the Island, Spooner is also a teaching professor at Nova Scotia’s Arcadia University.

Us fans of the show can certainly expect to see Spooner back on the island this fall as he’s clearly dedicated to the cause. He also told the University: “Something went on there that in my personal opinion, is probably bigger than treasure. What’s there is an important part of Nova Scotia’s and likely Canada’s history.”

Work has recently begun on the island, so hopefully they’ve started digging up that silver.

The Curse of Oak Island is currently on hiatus but is expected to return with Season 9 in the fall 2021.

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3 years ago

To be clear, Dr. Spooner found signs of high quantities of copper and zinc, in solution, in a few specific wells on the eastern end of the island. His hypothesis is that a deposit of a large amount of silver coins, alloyed with copper and zinc, might show up this way in a water test.

3 years ago

The answer will be that there is absolutely no global warming.

1 year ago

Global warning is how it’s been since the earth was conceived. Warm, cool, repeat… This is my FAVORITE show on TV. Thanks for the quality show to all involved…Rick, great to see you taking the lead…Love the family connection, Marty, Peter, Alex (missing lately) Jack and Craig and of course Rick…

4 months ago

Hi with all due respect .I cannot understand how the amount of Highly Educated people on the team with Marty and Rick, cant see ,what I feel is very obvious. it’s quite clear that every vessel that hits the eastern shore of Canada being Oak Island included, is in need of repairs and maintenance. Every single artifact,the Stone road the eye. All of these things would be explainable from ships being on Dry Dock. . The people on the island while waiting for the ship to be repaired. There is nothing to make me think anything other ,than everything that’s been found and discovered in the swamp, is nothing more than an old Shipyard . This is from a 70 year old Marin