Tiffany Mitchell revealed her ideal Big Brother 23 final six

Tiffany After Playing BB23
Tiffany finished in sixth place as a member of the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: Francis Specker/CBS

Big Brother 23 didn’t end the way that Tiffany Mitchell had hoped.

While she succeeded in her goal of getting The Cookout to the final six, she ended up being the first member of that alliance to be evicted. She finished in sixth place and missed out on any bonus money that the BB23 cast was given.

On the season finale, Tiffany was named America’s Favorite Houseguest, where the Big Brother fans showed how much they enjoyed watching her play the game. She got a nice $50,000 prize for becoming the latest AFH.

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Since leaving the Big Brother house at the end of September, Tiffany has been giving a lot of interviews about her time in the house. We are taking a look at one in particular that she did when she was eliminated from competing for the $750,000 prize.

Tiffany reveals her ideal Big Brother 23 final six

In an interview with AfterBuzz, Tiffany spoke about who her ideal final six houseguests would have been if she wasn’t intent on playing for the bigger goal of having a member of The Cookout become the Big Brother 23 winner.

If The Cookout did not exist, Tiffany said that she would have preferred that the final six for BB23 be herself, Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, Sarah Beth Steagall, Derek Xiao, and Claire Rehfuss. That certainly could have been an entertaining group to watch play out those final competitions.

Tiffany Mitchell Reacts To America's Favourite Houseguest Win At 'Big Brother' Finale | EXTENDED

Will Tiffany come back for Big Brother: All-Stars?

A recent interview revealed which members of the BB23 cast want to play the game again. When she was asked about it, Tiffany didn’t seem like she was really sure about going back in the house again for a full summer, but she did say that she would “probably” play on a Big Brother: All-Stars season.

It could be a while before we see CBS and the show producers return to a format that brings only former houseguests back to the house again. They just finished doing that method with the Big Brother 22 cast, as 16 former houseguests returned to compete during the Summer 2020 season.

It was Cody Calafiore who was named the Big Brother: All-Stars 2 winner, with Enzo Palumbo finishing in second place. That was the second time that Cody had played Big Brother. He originally finished as the runner-up to Derrick Levasseur on the BB16 cast.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts on CBS in Winter 2022.

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