What did Cody Calafiore buy with his Big Brother winnings and how much did he take home after taxes?

Cody C On BB22
Cody Calafiore won Big Brother: All Stars 2 and the cash prize that went with it. Pic credit: CBS

Cody Calafiore was named the Big Brother 22 winner and took home the $500,000 prize after the BB22 jury voted for him unanimously over Enzo Palumbo. However, he didn’t get to take all of that money home, as the taxman came calling almost immediately.

While speaking to his listeners during a recent Twitch stream, Cody addressed a question from one of the commenters. They asked him what he spent his winnings on, and he took a few minutes to address a topic that could make a lot of fans curious.

Each season, the winner of Big Brother takes home a nice $500,000 prize for surviving all summer and then winning over the jury. Each member of the new Big Brother 23 cast is hoping that they will be that person this summer.

Some winners spend their money right away in order to set themselves up with a better life than when they went into the house, while others try to squirrel away a large chunk of that money in order to have a nice safety net while they earn their living in another way.

What did Cody spend his Big Brother 22 winnings on?

Cody’s immediate response to the question was that he didn’t spend the money he won from being a part of the BB22 cast. He then clarified that a bit, stating that he bought himself a phone and he bought his girlfriend, Cristie, a phone as well.

After thinking for a moment, he also said that he spent some of the money on Christmas presents for his family, as the end of the last season came right as the holiday season was starting to arrive. But that was about it. It seems that Cody did the smart thing and he saved most of the money he earned by playing Big Brother a second time.

The first time around, when he competed on the Big Brother 16 season, Cody won $50,000 as the second-place prize.

How much in taxes did Cody pay for winning Big Brother?

He may have been estimating or rounding when Cody told his listeners how much he paid in taxes, but he stated that $220,000 of the $500,000 went right to taxes. He pointed out that it was the most difficult check that he had ever written, as he nearly had to pay half of his winnings to California taxes.

What is Cody Calafiore up to now?

Cody spends a lot of time interacting with Big Brother fans on Instagram and live Twitch streaming. Recently, Cody and Cristie even named who they felt have been the most attractive houseguests in Big Brother history.

Cody also announced that he is doing a new post-eviction YouTube show with Derrick Levasseur based on Big Brother 23 results. It seems like a fun way for Derrick and Cody to speak about the BB23 cast and to interact on a weekly basis where fans can keep up with The Hitmen from Big Brother 16.

In regard to that new season of the show, some video interviews of the BB23 cast have started coming out.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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That was such a racist cast especially Memphis and Xmas who deserve each other which they figured out!