Tiffany and Hannah from Big Brother speak with Shan and Liana from Survivor, the ladies bond over experiences

Tiffany And Hannah On BB23
Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha made it to the final six on Big Brother 2021. Pic credit: CBS

Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha from Big Brother 23 did an Instagram Live session with Liana Wallace and Shan Smith from Survivor 41 on New Year’s Eve.

The four ladies got together for an intense chat where they talked about their time on the reality television shows, how much love that they had for each other, and how they were cheering each other on as their respective shows were taking place on CBS.

On the BB23 cast, Hannah finished in fifth place, while Tiffany finished in sixth place. And as part of the Survivor 41 cast, Liana finished in seventh place and Shan finished in eighth place.

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Tiffany spoke about them all being connected through shared experiences. She also said the ladies were all phenomenal, giving a lot of compliments to Shan, Hannah, and Liana as the chat got going.

Shan spoke about how she and Liana played their season of Survivor before Big Brother 23 was filmed, and that they then got to watch the BB23 cast in their episodes before the Survivor 41 episodes aired. She saw a lot of similarities between what they went through and what The Cookout went through.

The comparisons between a four-person alliance (The Campout) on Survivor and The Cookout on Big Brother were also something that a lot of TV viewers saw.

Resolutions from the women for 2022

Liana spoke about seeking growth in 2022 and taking time to “smell the roses” over the next year. Shan wanted to convince the other women to eat healthier and to become vegans, and that she wanted to create more comedic online content soon.

Tiffany said she hopes to continue on an incline and that her family continues to be safe and healthy. She also said she wants to be in shape and for her money to grow.

As for Hannah, she says that she wants to allow herself to lean into being more empathetic and to embrace her emotions. She is also very excited to be back at school and to continue her path to becoming a doctor.

BB Meets Survivor
A meeting between Big Brother houseguests and Survivor castaways. Pic credit: @absolutelygorgeous100/Instagram

More from the Big Brother and Survivor ladies

Shan also spoke about wanting everyone to only eat raw foods, and how she celebrates August by calling it “Rawgust” each year. The other women spoke about being willing to try it for a month.

It led to Liana talking about being dizzy and starving during the filming of Survivor and how it was really hard to go through that. She also shared that she ate a whole pizza, wings, and a cake in Ponderosa after she got voted out. Shan agreed that Liana was eating “just so much food” in Ponderosa.

Hannah then spoke about how she could relate with her week on slop during Big Brother, where she really struggled, but then ate a full steak in the first meal after her punishment came to an end.

Shan asked the Big Brother ladies about moments that didn’t make it on TV, and Tiffany noted there were some deep conversations that she had with Hannah that didn’t make it on the show.

She noted that they really bonded and that a lot of tears were shed in the house, including an instance where Tiffany cried under the stairs in the house. Hannah agreed that they bonded on a fundamental and raw level based on their shared experiences.

More BB and Survivor Ladies
More from the meeting between Big Brother houseguests and Survivor castaways. Pic credit: @absolutelygorgeous100/Instagram

Shan and Liana said that they had a moment of crying on a boat after leaving a challenge where they lost the chance at grilled cheese. And Liana chimed in about missing her family even more while the season was taking place.

The Survivor ladies also spoke more about the four-mile hike they said they had to take for that infamous meeting on the mountain during the show. They said that the producers said it was going to be a long trek, but that it would look amazing.

Later, Shan congratulated Hannah and TIffany on making it all the way to the final six on Big Brother, even though they didn’t win.

The quartet of ladies also has a new final four name thanks to their Instagram followers. It is “Robbed” and that led to Tiffany comparing them to the stars of the movie Set It Off. They then debated which of them were the characters and the members of the chat got into it as well.

A humorous moment also took place when Shan said she still was not over Ricard eating that papaya in camp after he was at a reward meal.

The women were all very supportive of each other and wrapped up the chat with talks of doing a trip together to Los Angeles and the plan of doing something as a group very soon.

They ended it all by doing “cheers” to Black women supporting each other.

New seasons of Survivor and Big Brother coming soon

There are new seasons of Survivor and Big Brother coming this winter and spring, so a lot of new content awaits fans of reality competition shows.

First up, a new group of celebrities will get to play Big Brother this winter. This will be Celebrity Big Brother 3 and it is going to take place during the month of February 2022.

Then, the Survivor 42 cast will get to show their season in Fiji, which will be a primetime show for CBS this spring.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts on February 2 and Survivor 42 debuts on March 9 on CBS

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