Survivor 42: Everything you need to know so far about the new season

Jeff Probst Hosts Survivor Again
Jeff Probst is back as the host of Survivor 42. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 42 is coming this spring to CBS, giving fans of the show new content to enjoy as the weather starts to warm up again.

Erika Casupanan was just named the Season 41 winner, leading to a lot of debate among Survivor fans about the outcome.

And now it’s time to really start looking forward, with the show putting out an extensive Season 42 TV promo.

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A lot of important details about this new season of Survivor have already been made available, and this article is going to dive into the most important ones.

When is the Survivor 42 start date?

The new season of Survivor begins on Wednesday, March 9 at 8/7c on CBS.

New episodes will run each week until the season finale airs in late spring.

When was Survivor Season 42 filmed?

This upcoming season of Survivor was filmed in May and June of 2021, right after the production team got done filming Survivor 41.

Where does Survivor 42 take place?

Production for the current seasons of Survivor is still taking place in Fiji. The team has grown comfortable with filming in Fiji and it gives them the ability to film seasons at a lower cost if production remains in one location.

Who is on the Survivor 42 cast?

The official cast list has not been revealed by CBS yet, but here is the rumored Survivor 42 cast list that has been leaked online. It’s a brand new group of people all competing for that $1 million prize.

Are there twists for Survivor Season 42?

Since Season 42 was filmed just days after Season 41 completed filming, it’s highly likely that a lot of the same twists that surfaced could be used again. The producers and host Jeff Probst had not yet seen that a high number of fans didn’t like the twists, so we could see some very similar uses with the new cast.

How long is Survivor Season 42?

Jeff Prost already announced that Survivor 42 was a 26-day season. In fact, he mentioned that the production team may never go back to 39-day seasons. It helps cut costs, the action doesn’t stop, and events happen more quickly with the sped-up version. Some Survivor fans have been disappointed by the change, but it may just be something that people can adjust to as time goes on.

A new logo for Survivor 42

And in regards to the Survivor 42 theme, that hasn’t been made clear yet, but the new logo might have some hints to provide. As seen below, there is a maze, a lock, and a key infused into the new Survivor logo. It certainly provides some mystery about what’s to come.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9, 2022, on CBS.

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1 year ago

all ya need know is its more of the same “come on in guys” deviant delusional shenanigans and yet another “victim card” anti white racist alliance. the end. bye felicia.