Big Brother winners at odds over who just won Survivor 41

Survivor 41 After Show On TV
The Survivor 41 cast crowned a winner on the Fall 2021 season finale. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Big Brother winners Derrick Levasseur and Andy Herren disagree on who should have been the Survivor 41 winner.

On Wednesday night, Erika Casupanan won Survivor 41, ending the latest season that was filmed in Fiji.

A lot of Survivor fans thought that Xavier Hastings was going to win when he made it to the final three with Erika and DeShawn Radden.

When it came time for the Survivor 41 jury members to place their votes, though, Erika won with seven votes and Xavier didn’t get any votes.

Big Brother winners weigh in on the Survivor 41 winner

“Xander, who won 2 challenges, found an idol, had one of the most memorable memorable moments/moves against Liana, and dismantled the majority alliance from the bottom, didn’t get a single vote. The Matrix is real and we just had a glitch. #Survivor41,” Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur posted on Twitter after Erika won Survivor.

Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren wrote a response where he said, “He purposely chose to take Erika, a better player than him, to the finale. It was a huge oversight. She deserved every vote she got and he deserved to get zero votes. I’m also so happy that we got such a dominant, eloquent finish from a poc woman! Let’s celebrate that! #Survivor.”

Big Brother On Survivor
Andy Herren and Derrick Levasseur commented on the Survivor 41 season finale. Pic credit: @DerrickL and @AndyHerren/Twitter

More opinions on Survivor 41 from Big Brother houseguests

Later, Andy posted another message to his own Twitter page, which seemed to come after defending Erika more than once on social media.

He wrote, “I will forever defend a great player who gets a somewhat invisible edit because I know how it feels! It can be so frustrating to be really proud of your game only to get off the show and learn that basically none of your hard work was shown. Erika deserved that win!!! #Survivor.”

Andy Herren Posts About Survivor
Andy Herren shared more of his thoughts about Erika winning Survivor 41. Pic credit: @AndyHerren/Twitter

There were also other former Big Brother houseguests watching the action take place on Wednesday night. And below is a video where a group of viewers celebrated DeShawn winning the epic fire-making challenge that took place on the Survivor 41 season finale. It was shared by Big Brother 21 cast member Jessica Milagros and there are some familiar faces in the crowd.

Survivor 41 castaway Ricard Foye also shared an image to his own page that featured Hannah Chaddha from Big Brother 23.

The debate about who won Survivor 41 and how it should have turned out will likely continue for a while, with more Big Brother houseguests expected to weigh in on the big night. But now, it’s also time to start looking forward.

A TV promo for Survivor 42 was revealed on Wednesday night in order to spark interest for the Spring 2022 season.

And here is the rumored Survivor 42 cast list for fans who want to check out the bios.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts on February 2 and Survivor 42 begins on March 9 on CBS.

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2 years ago

N please. The straight white male who rightfully deserved to win by a landslide didnt even get one single vote from the racist lgbtgfys jury. SHOCKER! Pathetic.

2 years ago

One of the worst survivor shows I’ve watch. Need to go back to the regular shows. Come on in guys

2 years ago

Absolutely unbelievable. Xander didnt get 1 vote, but deshawn did?! and wtf did erika do to deserve winning a million dollars? zero skill or notable achievement in any one of the 3 criteria, her entire game was based on “luck” as was deshawns absurd temper tantrums, “victim” crying, childish hypocritical bitter and delusional anti white racist rants. Obviously the jury voted based on skin color and skin color alone. The worst season of Survivor in the entire world wide franchise award goes to USA! USA! USA! will never watch the USA Survivor ever again after this racist disaster.

2 years ago

Probably should change his name to Xander, not Xavier. You have to love when they get people who don’t watch the show to write an article about it.