Survivor 42 TV promo gives a look at new cast, season

Survivor 42 Cast Image
The Survivor 42 cast takes center stage as CBS prepares to roll out a new season of the hit reality competition show. Pic credit: CBS

A Survivor 42 TV promo has been released to give fans a real look at the new cast and the next season of the hit reality competition show.

Erika Casupanan just got crowned the Survivor 41 winner, as she pulled out a surprising victory on the season finale.

While Survivor fans continue to debate about who deserved/should have won that season, it’s time to take our first real look toward the next installment in Fiji.

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With host Jeff Probst serving as the narrator, a roughly 90-second Survivor 42 preview was dropped. We get to see the new players in action, hear about what’s to come, and see the excitement on the faces of a new group of castaways.

Survivor 42 TV promo fall Spring 2022 season

“The most dangerous version of Survivor ever seen,” awaits Survivor fans, according to Probst.

What makes it so dangerous? We will have to tune in to find out, but like Probst already told us, it’s another 26-day installment for a Survivor cast. The sped-up version of the game is likely here to stay, and now we will get to see how it worked for a new group of castaways.

It will be a little while longer until CBS starts heavily advertising the Survivor 42 cast and releasing the bios of the players, and CBS will start heavily advertising for the new season as the March 9 start date gets a bit closer.

For now, enjoy this Survivor 42 sneak peek shared below.

Survivor Season 42: NEW OPENER & SNEAK PEEK

‘Survivor for celebrities’ also coming to CBS

In addition to Survivor 42 airing this spring, CBS is also rolling out a new show that is basically Survivor for celebrities. It puts celebrities into the wild and forces them to compete in challenges that will likely seem very familiar to Survivor fans.

The format has been tried before, but, hopefully, the new people trying to get this idea off the ground put together a cast that will push hard and one that really wants to get the full experience that a show like this one can provide.

CBS viewers are also getting new seasons of Celebrity Big Brother and The Amazing Race in early 2022. The network has already filmed a new race around the world and will be putting a new group of celebrities in the Big Brother house this winter to serve as alternative programming to the Winter Olympics.

When it comes to reality competition shows, CBS is going to be providing viewers with a little bit of everything in the coming year.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9, 2022, on CBS

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2 years ago

N please. The straight white male who rightfully deserved to win by a landslide didnt even get one single vote from the racist lgbtgfys jury. SHOCKER! Pathetic.

2 years ago

Oh boy, a mostly non-white-male cast.. go figure. Wong be watching.