Survivor for celebrities: New reality show coming to CBS

Colton Underwood Netflix
Colton Underwood has been linked to a new Survivor-like reality competition show. Pic credit: Netflix

A new Survivor-like reality competition show that will feature celebrities is coming to CBS this spring.

The new show is reportedly going to feature similar challenges to what we have seen on Survivor, but this time with celebrities taking part.

At this time, the show hasn’t released its official name yet, but the rumors are that it will debut in Spring 2022.

And according to TMZ, there are already some celebrities that are attached to this new show, possibly to help create some buzz about the series debut.

Celebrities attached to new Survivor-like show

According to TMZ, “Colton Underwood, Metta World Peace, Ray Lewis, Jodie Sweetin, RHONY’s Eboni K. Williams and model Paulina Porizkova” are names that are reportedly “attached” to the new show.

As for who those celebrities are, Colton Underwood is from Bachelor Nation, Metta World Peace is a former NBA star, Ray Lewis played in the NFL, Jodie Sweetin is Stephanie Tanner on Full House, Eboni K. Williams comes from the world of Real Housewives, and Paulina Porizkova is a famous model.

We definitely expect to hear more names added to that list, likely giving Survivor fans something additional to watch during the Spring 2022 television season.

TMZ also reported that the show has already been filmed in Panama, that a teaser is on the way soon from CBS, and that “all participants had a certain amount of money donated to the charity of their choice.”

Celebrity Big Brother 3 and Survivor 42 on the way as well

In addition to this new show coming through the pipeline, CBS is also going to be introducing new seasons of Celebrity Big Brother and Survivor on its 2022 TV schedule.

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 start date arrives this February, with a new group of celebrities spending some of this winter inside of the Big Brother house. The network brought back the celebrity version of its hit summer show to compete against the 2022 Winter Olympics airing on NBC.

This spring, the Survivor 42 cast will make their debut on CBS as well. This is a new season of the show that has already been filmed in Fiji and it will begin to air episodes right after CBB3 has come to an end.

And once Survivor 42 has begun airing episodes, CBS is going to also roll out this new Survivor-like show, likely hoping that viewers of the other reality competition shows will tune in.

Stay tuned, because we will make sure to pass on more information about this upcoming show on CBS as soon as the network starts to release it.

Survivor 41 currently airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Colleen John
Colleen John
2 years ago

I wont watch any show with Eboni K. Williams. I cant stand her. All she does is preach about race. Even on the view as co-host she was annoying.

2 years ago

Eboni is just your typical hypocritical for-profit propagator of anti white racism “African” American i.e. Bvffalo Soldier