Celebrity Big Brother 3, Survivor 42, The Amazing Race 33, and Beyond the Edge are all coming soon to CBS

Phil The Amazing Race 33
Phil Keoghan is back with a new season of The Amazing Race. Pic credit: Michele Crowe/CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 3, Survivor 42, The Amazing Race 33, and Beyond the Edge will give CBS viewers a lot of reality competition shows to watch during Winter and Spring 2022 on the network.

It’s clear that the people in charge at CBS are very comfortable going back to that well, and intermixed with all of the hit dramas returning for new episodes will be three successful reality competition shows and a new arrival that the network hopes will spark interest.

The production for Survivor and The Amazing Race had to be altered due to the pandemic, but a new season of each show has been filmed.

CBS also renewed Celebrity Big Brother to serve as alternative programming to the 2022 Winter Olympics that will be airing on NBC. It has worked for the network before, and Big Brother fans really want to know which celebrities are playing the game this time.

The Amazing Race 33 debuts in Winter 2022

A new season of The Amazing Race is scheduled to begin airing on Wednesday, January 5. It’s going to be a two-hour season premiere for TAR 33 in order to introduce the competitors. Here is the new Amazing Race cast and it includes some pretty famous people in the mix.

Fans of the show should keep in mind that it was filmed before the pandemic began, so it could look a bit different from what the world looks like now. That might not be a bad thing for viewers who want escapism television.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 with host Julie Chen Moonves

A new group of celebrities will be part of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast this winter. There have been no announcements about the CBB3 cast or a theme for the new season, but that is expected to be released as we get closer to the February 2 season premiere.

Here is the full TV schedule for Celebrity Big Brother 3, and it includes an episode on Super Bowl Sunday that should be fun to watch.

Survivor 42 in Fiji

Another season of Survivor has already been filmed in Fiji and it will debut this spring on CBS. The Survivor 42 start date arrives in March, and it will slide right back into the familiar time slot of Wednesday nights at 8/7c.

A new group of castaways participated in this new installment, so it’s another season with a lot of fresh faces and outlooks on the game. The producers heard fans and are taking a break from having any returning players.

Beyond the Edge: Survivor for celebrities

A new reality competition show that is basically Survivor for celebrities will debut this spring on CBS. Called Beyond the Edge, it has already been filmed and it will be interesting to see how the celebrities handle the challenges placed in front of them.

An early Beyond the Edge cast list has also been leaked and it has already created a bit of buzz about this new show.

The Amazing Race debuts January 5, Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2, Survivor 42 debuts March 9, and Beyond the Edge debuts in Spring 2022 on CBS.

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2 years ago

all of these shows have been ruined by cbs’s anti-white racism. GFYS