Beyond the Edge: New ‘Survivor for celebrities’ show gets a name

Jeff Probst Hosts Survivor
Jeff Probst always wanted a celebrity version of the hit show, Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Beyond the Edge is a new reality competition show coming to CBS this spring.

That’s the official name of the Survivor-like show that will feature celebrities trying to outlast each other for charity.

Earlier this week, it was leaked that a new show that is basically Survivor for celebrities has filmed a season for the CBS Spring 2022 television lineup.

Survivor host Jeff Probst has spoken before about wanting to somehow do a version of his hit show that featured celebrities, and it appears that the people at CBS were paying close attention. There are even rumors that Probst is a producer of Beyond the Edge.

New Survivor-like show has a name that should pique interest

According to Variety, the production company behind the Beyond the Edge has also produced Naked and Afraid, Blind Date, and The Surreal Life. Variety also confirmed the name of this new reality competition series, which does sound a lot like one that has been done before.

ABC and NBC each tried to adapt a show called I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! that had been a success overseas. The 2009 version on NBC featured winner Lou Diamond Phillips, runner-up Torrie Wilson, Daniel Baldwin, Janice Dickinson, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and Frances Callier.

That series didn’t get picked up for another season at NBC, but it did show that it was possible to put together a Survivor-like reality competition show with celebrities. Get Me Out of here was filmed in Costa Rica, and this upcoming season of Beyond the Edge was filmed in Panama.

With Beyond the Edge, Survivor fans will get a chance to see if a group of celebrities can provide an interesting and intriguing show, even though it is likely to be much shorter than a typical season of Survivor.

CBS has a full slate of reality competition shows in 2022

A new cast for The Amazing Race was just announced, and the first episode of their season will debut in January 2022. The show had been put on hold due to the pandemic, but CBS felt that it was finally time to air a new season in the U.S.

Then, beginning in February, a new season of Celebrity Big Brother will debut on CBS. A brand new group of celebrities will be playing the game this time and the network is bringing the show back so that it can compete against the Winter Olympics on NBC.

And that’s not all. Survivor 42 debuts in March, with a new group of castaways competing for that big money prize in Fiji. The season has already been filmed, and now these new competitors are going to get to show Survivor fans what they can do.

Beyond The Edge debuts in Spring 2022 on CBS. Survivor 42 debuts March 9 on CBS.

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cbs, sorry hiding behind a new name wont change the facts.. we’re on to you and your racist agenda now!