Survivor spoilers: The 26-day seasons may be permanent

Survivor 41 Meal
Survivor 41 had 18 people playing for $1 million in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor spoilers about the Season 41 finale are starting to come out, but so are some comments from host Jeff Probst about the future of the franchise.

After being forced to take a break from filming during the pandemic, the Survivor production team returned to action to film new seasons this past spring and summer.

Immediately, there were Survivor rumors coming from Fiji that indicated the season would be a shorter one for the new casts.

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Probst would later confirm that partly due to the two-week quarantine before filming could even begin, that the reality competition show had shrunk from a 39-day challenge down to just 26 days.

The change hasn’t impacted the number of episodes that Survivor fans get to watch, but it has shifted gameplay and just how long the competitors have to last in Fiji.

Survivor may make 26-day seasons permanent

“The 26 days came as a result of having to shoot two seasons back-to-back with no break. We knew we couldn’t do two 39-day seasons, so we spent a lot of time working to make sure that we could do a full season in 26 days and that the experience would still be satisfying to the players,” Probst told TV Line when asked if the seasons would go back to being 39 days.

“It’s still too early to decide if we would ever go back to 39 days, but I will say that we do believe in the 26-day schedule. And as you’ll hear during the Survivor After Show, the players fully agree that 26 days still gave them absolutely everything they wanted from their Survivor adventure,” Probst went on to explain.

From the comments coming directly from Probst, it definitely sounds like the show is planning to stick with a 26-day filming schedule for future seasons unless they are given a specific reason to go back to the 39-day method.

Survivor ratings down this season compared to Fall 2019

The Survivor ratings are a bit down when it comes to Season 41 and the one that was shown during Fall 2019 on CBS. Things have picked up over the past few episodes and it’s possible that trend will continue with the December 15 Survivor 41 finale.

The good news is that no matter how the Survivor ratings look right now, Season 42 has already been filmed. We will get to see that cast playing the game during Spring 2022 on CBS. It’s also highly likely that we are going to get to see some teaser clips of the new cast during the upcoming Survivor 41 finale.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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