The Challenge’s Michele Fitzgerald reveals her interest in Season 37 castmate: ‘I think he’s adorable’

michele fitzgerald during challenge spies lies and allies promotional clip
Michele Fitzgerald of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies cast. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37 features many new cast members, and many of them are joining the show single and ready to mingle.

That includes former Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald, who clearly had her eye on one of her castmates early on during the season.

She recently opened up more about her interest in that particular castmate, seeming to indicate she’d like to see him again in a future season of MTV’s show.

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Michele explains why she likes Challenge castmate

On Thursday (August 12), Michele Fitzgerald hosted an Instagram Live chat session with castmates Amanda Garcia and Ashley Mitchell to raise money for a charitable cause.

They spilled tea on the Spies, Lies & Allies season during their video chat, including hookups, which they liked, and cast members they disliked.

At one point, Amanda asked Michele what she loved about their castmate, rookie Emanuel Neagu.

“You guys know I was like into him day one. I did not falter. I was riding for him from the jump,” Michelle told her castmates.

“I said he was cute, and you guys were trying to decide if he looked like a delinquent or hot,” she added.

“I was always on the hot train. Always. But I think like, he’s just like so confident. I just thought that was really sexy. He knows who he is, and I think that’s cool,” Michele said.

“And the more time you spend with him too. It’s like, ah….heart eyes,” she also gushed.

Amanda then asked Michele what the update is as far as things between her and Emanuel.

“There’s no update. We’re literally just friends,” Michele said as Ashley and Amanda tried to see if one of them was going to visit the other.

Michele said that wasn’t going to happen, mentioning she thought he has “something else going on.”

Amanda and Ashley seemed to joke about that, asking, “does he, though?” as if they had some other inside information.

“You guys probably know more than me. I don’t really ask those types of questions, but just know, I think he’s adorable,” Michele said, adding, “if we get to play together again” with a wink.

That seems to indicate Michele has a continued interest in her rookie castmate and is hoping they’ll both pop up again in a future season.

Emanuel’s situations with castmates teased in Season 37 trailer

When The Challenge 37 Super Trailer first came out, it featured Michele and Emanuel kissing in one scene. That seems to hint at them having a hookup in an episode or maybe a bit of a showmance during the season.

However, another scene showed Emanuel dancing close with castmate Tori Deal. Based on online speculation and spoilers, the two may have been dating after the show, as they were two of several Season 37 cast members who went on a trip to Ibiza together.

After that trip and once The Challenge promotional clips started coming out with cast details, Emanuel had a quick Instagram Live chat with fellow rookie Emy Alupei for fans. At one point, Emy asked him where his “girlfriend” was, and Emanuel referred to Tori as “my girlfriend,” saying she had to go home.

That said, it’s unknown if Tori and Emanuel are continuing to explore a relationship as it’s a long-distance thing with Emanuel in Croatia and Tori in the United States. If that doesn’t work out, it seems Michele Fitzgerald might be ready to make her move on Emanuel in a future season of The Challenge.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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