The Challenge spoilers: Latest All Stars 3 eliminations include former champion, Real World OG

cast members during the challenge all stars season 1 mission
The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast includes many returning OGs from the first season of the spinoff. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge spoilers for the spinoff series All Stars 3 are presenting fans with the names of OG competitors eliminated during the third season. That leaves those individuals out of the running to win some serious prize money in TJ Lavin’s final.

Two more OG cast members are out, including a former champion on The Challenge. The other is a well-known star from The Real World. Both appeared in the first season of Paramount Plus’ spinoff.

Spoilers will follow in this report, showing which cast members have now been eliminated as the competition continues for All Stars 3.

Two more OGs eliminated from All Stars 3 season

While it’s still unknown whether or not eliminations are being done individually or in partnerships, two more cast members have been sent home from All Stars 3.

Based on details from @mtvchallengeinsider, aka GamerVev on Twitter, The Real World: Los Angeles’ Beth Stolarczyk had a short stay on the third season of the spinoff.

Beth, 52, is one of the latest OGs revealed as eliminated, and it comes not long after she joined the show as a replacement cast member for the departing Jemmye Carroll.

The Instagram post above also reveals that Road Rules: Semester at Sea star Yes Duffy has been eliminated. The 43-year-old won the first season of Paramount Plus’ spinoff, as he achieved the most points of any finalist. With that, he claimed $500,000 in prize money all for himself.

Yes is also a former champion during one of MTV’s regular seasons of The Challenge, as he won in his rookie season, The Challenge 2000. During the season, he was part of a winning Road Rules team which included Dan Setzler, Los Jackson, Piggy Thomas, and Veronica Portillo. 

The latest eliminations make it 11 total cast members sent home, as of this report. Monsters & Critics previously reported on All Stars spoilers about other competitors eliminated, including Tina Barta, Kendal Darnell, Tyler Duckworth, and Darrell Taylor.

Who is left for The Challenge: All Stars 3?

Viewers will see Yes’ Road Rules castmate Veronica Portillo as one of his castmates on All Stars 3. As of this report, it appears she’s still part of the season’s competitors.

Other female competitors include Jonna Mannion, Kailah Casillas, Nia Moore, KellyAnne Judd, Roni Martin, and Sylvia Elsrode. Of the female competitors, KellyAnne and Veronica are the only former regular-season winners there.

The male competitors still in the game include former champions Brad Fiorenza, Mark Long, Derrick Kosinski, Wes Bergmann, Jordan Wiseley, and MJ Garrett.

The eliminations seem like they’ll only get better as episodes move forth with these remaining cast members. It’s also looking like it will be a highly-competitive final for The Challenge: All Stars 3, as the former winners and never before champs will want to add the spinoff series victory to their achievements.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on Thursday, November 11, on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 3 is TBA.

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1 year ago

Kellyanne isn’t a Champ on the main season the female champs other than Veronica is Cynthia, Kendall, and Roni are Champs. Roni is a 2x times champ not to be overlook.