The Challenge: All Stars’ KellyAnne Judd reacts to ‘bad choice’ for reunion, explains ‘pulling a Beth’ comment

kellyanne judd during the challenge all stars reunion
KellyAnne Judd was among the cast members present for The Challenge: All Stars reunion. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars reunion was released just recently and cast members are reacting to the final footage that made it into the episode.

That included several individuals stepping up to defend Kendal Sheppard after what was shown during the episode. Among them were Kendal’s friends, Tori Deal and KellyAnne Judd.

KellyAnne also shared her thoughts about her portrayal during one of the daily challenges with a discussion of that moment part of the reunion. In part of that segment, she referred to it as “pulling a Beth [Stolarczyk].”

KellyAnne Judd explains All Stars reunion comment

The All Stars reunion episode covered some of the big moments during the past season, including a look back at the daily challenge called Melt Away. In that particular event during Episode 3, competitors were in teams and had to use themselves to try to melt down large blocks of ice and recover items inside.

Competitors got creative with it, including using bodily fluids and grinding on the ice blocks. Arissa Hill attempted to summon the sun to send down more heat to melt the blocks. KellyAnne was shown doing a move on the ice block, which Darrell described as “twerking on the ice” during his confessional in the episode. That moment came up as a topic during the reunion.

“Did you really think twerking on it was gonna melt it?” reunion host Maria Menounos asked KellyAnne.

“Twerking did work and I was using the hardest part of my a** to get it done,” KellyAnne replied.

Darrell Taylor jumped in to say they were “just having fun,” and that’s what you need to do when you’re uncomfortable on some of the daily challenges.

“And I didn’t make any sex noises. I wasn’t pulling a Beth, OK? I know better,” KellyAnne followed up with. Her castmate Beth Stolarczyk asked what she meant by that.

“I wasn’t going ‘Harder. Yeah. Oooh,'” KellyAnne told her and footage was shown of that happening during the daily event.

A few days after the episode was released, KellyAnne took to her Twitter to explain that comment, and why the footage of her didn’t sit well.

“I’m not sure the comment I made about ‘pulling a Beth’ on the reunion came across as rude bc of how they cut it. But it wasn’t meant to be,” KellyAnne tweeted, telling everyone to see her next tweet.

the challenge all stars kellyanne judd tweets about reunion comment
Pic credit: @KellyAnneJudd/Twitter

In the follow-up tweet, KellyAnne gave more insight into how she felt about the ice block footage and its presentation to the viewers.

“I adore @MTVBeth & her joking fake sex noises. Great TV. What I said but it was cut is that I often get over sexualized & I knew if I made joking sex noises it would happen again. So it upset me that it happened anyway. I also didn’t like the camera shot between my legs,” KellyAnne tweeted.

the challenge kellyanne tweets to explain her beth comment at reunion
Pic credit: @KellyAnneJudd/Twitter

With The Challenge: All Stars, the episodes were cut down from a lot more footage, often leaving out certain moments or context for some of the cast members’ comments. The production gets to present the stories they want to through which footage is displayed, and that won’t always sit well with cast members.

Beth and KellyAnne still appear to be on friendly terms, but it makes sense why she’d want to give further explanation about her comments and the footage.

KellyAnne comments about cast members not at reunion

One of the big talking points in the first part of the All Stars reunion was Kendal Sheppard’s infamous moment. That’s where she hopped to the wrong spot on the platform above water during a daily challenge, and her explanation of what happened didn’t sit right with some castmates. Kendal ended up being voted in, and that became a topic at the reunion with Jisela Delgado and Jemmye Carroll amongst those giving their thoughts.

However, Kendal was not present for the reunion in person or via video conferencing. So KellyAnne basically tried to stand up for Kendal’s mishap despite her absence.

In a recent reply to MTV’s video tweet of Kendal’s challenge moment, KellyAnne explained she talked to people beforehand about having Kendal there, and it was a “bad choice” that she wasn’t invited.

kellyanne judd tweets about all stars reunion bad choice
Pic credit: @KellyAnneJudd/Twitter

Jisela Delgado also replied in the Twitter comments, saying that she “asked multiple times if Alton could come and why he had not been invited,” but she “got no solid answers.”

jisela delgado tweets about absent castmates from all stars reunion
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

Alton enjoyed a showmance with Jisela that was featured during several episodes and in confessional interviews. During the reunion, a rumor was brought up that Alton was married during filming, but that was put to rest by the cast who said he had a “baby’s mom” back home who he spoke of like a wife at times.

So it remains curious why production decides to bring up key moments involving certain competitors without them in attendance. Others included Aneesa Ferreira and Arissa Hill, who were involved in big moments during the season, but weren’t at the reunion to give their comments. Aneesa seems to have had the most legitimate reason of anyone due to her current schedule, but the others are a mystery.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount+.

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