The Challenge: All Stars’ Beth Stolarczyk reveals castmate told her ‘I’m gonna end you’ in elimination

beth stolarczyk of the challenge all stars
Beth Stolarczyk during The Challenge: All Stars elimination event. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars brought back many OG competitors to try out an updated version of a show they rose to fame on. That included Beth Stolarczyk, who was the oldest of the cast members.

She became a fan favorite all over again, as she showed her ability to compete and be unaffected by drama or possible intimidation tactics.

In fact, Beth revealed an instance where her castmate told her off camera, “I’m gonna end you b***h” during an elimination event.

Beth involved in several eliminations on All Stars

Early in the All Stars season, there were single elimination events. The men’s or women’s competitor who captained the worst-performing team would automatically go into elimination.

That put Beth Stolarczyk into elimination in All Stars Episode 4 because she was on the losing team for the On the Ropes challenge.

Initially, Katie Cooley volunteered herself to go into the elimination at the deliberation meeting. However, Katie’s friend Mark Long, aka The Godfather, had been a captain on the winning team and received the Lifesaver.

With that, he had the power to save Katie from going into elimination, and did so.

However, that move set off a dramatic event as the cast members had to vote for Beth’s opponent. Most votes went to Arissa Hill, who Mark had assured earlier he wouldn’t put into elimination. He had no control over it at the moment, though.

An upset saw Arissa join Beth in The Arena.

During the aired footage, Arissa asked if she could do boxing, but host TJ Lavin said it wasn’t what the elimination was. Once they explained the rules, Beth had her helmet on, ready to go.

Arissa took off her helmet and after TJ asked if she didn’t need a helmet, she gave a speech complete with expletives to her castmates. After flipping off her castmates, she left the elimination, quitting the show.

Beth spoke about situation on The Challenge podcast

While appearing on an episode of the Official Challenge Podcast, co-hosts Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal asked Beth to talk about how things were in the moments of that intense situation. Beth revealed Arissa was pretty upset and shared details of an interaction they had off-camera.

“When we were standing down there, and they didn’t show it, she said ‘I’m gonna end you b***h,’” Beth shared, saying she and TJ just looked at each other. Beth said she didn’t even respond to the remark.

“I didn’t look at her. I didn’t flinch. I’m not afraid of her. I’m not afraid of anybody. I’m here to play a f*****g game,” Beth shared on the podcast episode.

“I wasn’t trying to intimidate her like ‘I want that b***h Arissa, get her a** down here,’” Beth said of her decision to ask for her as an opponent.

Beth also shared she’s somewhat like castmate Katie Cooley in that she’s a “chill person” but will “go crazy” if someone comes at her enough. Viewers saw Katie argue with friend Trishelle Cannatella in an early episode, ahead of Trishelle being eliminated.

She mentioned there was nothing personal she had against Arissa to ask for her in the elimination; it was because of her performance in the daily challenge. Beth said she would not ask for Kendal Sheppard or Aneesa because both did well at the daily event.

When the elimination drama happened, Beth let Arissa erupt and didn’t react. Arissa walked off. The elimination event never took place, meaning Beth stayed in the game.

That said, Beth and Arissa are on good terms following that dramatic incident from the spinoff season. Just as that episode arrived several weeks ago, Beth shared video and images that showed Arissa joined her as a guest at a watch party.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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