The Challenge: All Stars’ Beth Stolarczyk hosts Episode 4 viewing party with castmates, including major surprise guest

Beth Stolarczyk during The Challenge All Stars Episode 4
Beth Stolarczyk gives a confessional interview in The Challenge All Stars Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

It’s mostly all love when it comes to The Challenge: All Stars cast on Paramount Plus. The OGs have reunited for a spinoff season involving older and wiser cast members who don’t necessarily let feuds or tense situations linger.

They’re now playing the updated format of MTV’s competition show, and while there’s drama, it doesn’t seem to extend too much beyond the on-demand episodes. Feuds aren’t popping up on social media nearly as much as Double Agents or other reality shows.

All Stars Episode 4 brought another cast member with some drama at the latest elimination in The Arena. However, it seems that person has no grudges towards their opponent, and vice versa, as they hung out to watch the episode with other castmates.

Keep in mind some spoilers are here from the latest episode including what went down at the elimination event and who went home during the episode.

The Challenge: All Stars competitor gave speech before shocking exit

In the latest episode of The Challenge spinoff series, viewers saw a first-time use of the powerful Lifesaver. It had yet to be put into play until the fourth episode, but The Godfather Mark Long decided to be first to see what it would do.

Mark won the Lifesaver as the men’s captain for the winning team in the episode’s daily challenge. Since it was a female elimination day, Beth Stolarczyk was automatically going in as the female captain of the worst-performing team.

Katie Cooley opted to eliminate herself from the daily challenge due to it involving heights and water. Since she didn’t really try, she stepped up at the nomination meeting and put herself into elimination. Unfortunately, Mark thought he’d get to choose who to replace the person he saved at elimination. However, when he used the Lifesaver to save Katie, that wasn’t the case.

Instead, the cast had to go around and vote for who would face Beth right then in the elimination. Darrell Taylor had the first vote and asked Beth who she wanted. She said Arissa Hill, and that basically caused most of the cast to vote for who Beth wanted.

Arissa was visibly upset being the majority vote. When she went down to The Arena ground area with TJ Lavin and Beth, she asked if she could go against Beth in boxing. TJ told her it wasn’t an option and explained to everyone what the elimination involved.

While Beth was ready to compete, Arissa never even put her helmet on. She said she wanted to address the cast and launched a tirade-filled speech about how toxic the environment was in The Challenge house. She said she didn’t want to return even if she won this elimination, flipped everyone off, and walked away from the elimination, quitting right there.

Cast members hang out for All Stars Episode 4 party

While Arissa Hill was referred to as a “loner” and castmates from All Stars said she has changed a lot since her earlier days, there doesn’t appear to be animosity going on. In fact, her near-opponent at the elimination event had a viewing party for Episode 4 and Arissa was one of her surprise guests.

“Ok, so my special guest has arrived. Are you guys ready for this?” Beth said in an Instagram video she posted on her page.

“Are we ready? Are we ready? Welcome, special guest,” Beth teased before finally showing a smiling and waving Arissa Hill in the video.

“We’re gonna watch the episode together. It’s all love here,” Beth said, with Arissa agreeing with that notion.

As the episode arrived on Paramount Plus, Arissa Hill also posted on her IG to explain that viewers didn’t know the full story with all that was going on there. She mentioned that it would take a lot more footage to tell that story during the spinoff season.

In addition to Arissa appearing at Beth’s party, she was also joined by All Stars castmates Syrus Yarbrough, Teck “Money” Holmes, and Ruthie Alcaide to watch the episode.

Some potential future cast members for The Challenge: All Stars or Real World reunions also popped up at Beth’s viewing event. They included Beth’s Real World: Los Angeles castmate Irene Berrera-Kearns, and Jason Cornwell from The Real World Boston, both in attendance.

While TJ Lavin delivered that “hope to see you never” line as Arissa quit in front of him, it seems many of her castmates are still fine with her after the dramatic events of the episode.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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