The Challenge: All Stars reunion recap: Cast discusses drama, marriage rumors, and unaired footage

cast members at the challenge all stars reunion
Cast members from The Challenge: All Stars got back together to talk about their season together. Pic credit: Paramount+

Many of the members of The Challenge: All Stars got together again to reminisce about their past season, and discuss some of the biggest moments including blowups, hookups, and strategies.

On hand for the reunion were Beth Stolarczyk, along with finalists Jisela Delgado, Derrick Kosinski, Mark Long, Jemmy Carroll, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Jonna Mannion, KellyAnne Judd, and Darrell Taylor. The champion was also in the building, as Yes Duffy was there to talk of his win.

Cast members who weren’t present included Nehemiah Clark, Kendal Sheppard, Aneesa Ferreira, Alton Williams, Laterrian Wallace, Arissa Hill, Katie Cooley, Trishelle Cannatella, Syrus Yarbrough, Ruthie Alcaide, and Teck “Money” Holmes.

Hosts Maria Menounos and Nate Burleson brought up various topics with the cast. They also got more insight into things the viewers saw and didn’t see during the season. That included talk of the big drama, some unaired footage, and even discussion of one cast member’s situation back home while hooking up in The Challenge house.

Aneesa vs. Jisela, Arissa’s ‘witchcraft’ discussed

They touched upon all of those dramatic fights, feuds, falling outs and blowups that were shown in the season. So that included Trishelle vs. Katie, Arissa’s “f**k all of you” speech before quitting elimination, and Jisela vs. Aneesa.

Jisela was on hand to speak about her beef with Kendal not dropping into the water during trivia, and her falling out with Aneesa. The latter was over the fact Aneesa lied to her face about who she would vote for. Jisela said it was a big deal to her and she will never trust Aneesa again.

Derrick tried to explain he watches The Challenge and doesn’t think Aneesa’s an untrustworthy player, but Jisela told them to back off about her situation.

Darrell asked Jisela if she trusts Kendal or Aneesa more, and it was rather clear that she’s no longer besties with Aneesa.

“At this point? Kendal. I will ride with Kendal before I ride with Aneesa. A thousand percent. Put me on the next Challenge with Kendal, we gonna eat y’all up,” Jisela replied.

The cast spoke about the moment they arrived back from that dramatic speech that Arissa Hill made at elimination as she flipped everyone off and quit the show. Unaired footage was shown of them after they returned to the house. As they were talking about Arissa, the lights went out. It was an eery moment where the cast thought Arissa was back.

Darrell touched upon how Arissa had specific dietary needs that made it a tough time for her while living at The Challenge house.

Jonna brought up being scared to be roommates with Arissa, with her and other cast members saying Arissa had a book of witch spells, a magic wand, and other strange items. The lights flickered a bit in the All Stars reunion studio and Jisela joked it was “the witch.”

Only one in-house hookup may survive after filming

They brought up the three in-house hookups during the season with footage showing each. That included Jemmye and Nehemiah’s cuddling. Jemmye said she was pretty flirty with Teck too, and if he had stayed in the game something might have happened there. When asked if she is with either guy now, she said she doesn’t date reality TV men but “real men.”

Aneesa and Laterrian’s footage was shown. Neither were at the reunion, but Darrell said he thinks his two castmates are compatible. Derrick said he doesn’t see them going past The Challenge with it, and others agreed.

Last but not least, they brought up Jisela and Alton.

Maria said there was a rumor Alton was married. Jisela said she had thought that earlier in the season when he came to talk to her early one morning. It wasn’t the case, as he has a “baby’s mom” back home. KellyAnne said Alton spoke of “his Veronica” back home a lot as if they were married, but they’re not really together.

Jisela said she and Alton were friends on the show and still friends off the show. They live on opposite coasts, making it tough for Alton to court her properly, but she said if circumstances change, she’d definitely pursue something with him.

Unaired footage and final thoughts

Various unaired footage was shown throughout the reunion episode. That included a scene with Katie trying to talk her friend Trishelle out of leaving, since she had packed her stuff to quit the show. The conversation took place a bit earlier before Trishelle and Katie’s big fight in the early morning.

Another scene included a reveal that Laterrian eats in bed while he’s sleeping, as he was shown with a bag of Dorito’s in infrared camera footage. There were also clips to show Jemmye and Teck getting a bit close and flirty, and of course, a piece of footage showing the cast thinking Arissa had returned to the house and caused the lights to go out.

There was also a funny story Darrell brought up about Beth getting stung by a bee on her foot or toe when she went outside one day. She was screaming and it caused Alton to rush to her rescue to suck on her toe. They didn’t have footage, but Nate Burleson did a recreation on stage as Alton spotted a “damsel in distress” to run over and save.

Everyone spoke about the amazing experience to return to compete and even meet some cast members for the first time on the All Stars season. Darrell said it spoke to each of the finalist’s characters that everyone who was in the final finished it. Derrick did a funny moment where he walked off stage saying he’d be back to take all of them out and win Yes’ title.

At one point during the reunion, Jisela revealed she was wearing a leg/knee brace due to the injury she suffered in the elimination. She said she needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus among other injuries she suffered to her leg.

Earlier in the episode, All Stars winner Yes spoke of part of his $500,000 prize money going to a “greater good.” He said one of the first things he did with the money was paid rent to the Ohlone tribe “that we stole the land from in Berkley.” Yes described his paying rent as “reparations” and “that’s just the beginning” of what he plans to do.

Mark Long talked about how great it was that this all came together, and everyone performed admirably. He said he hopes there will be more seasons to come, but there was no official announcement of The Challenge: All Stars Season 2.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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