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The Challenge: All Stars reunion trailer spotlights cast member’s rumored marriage during showmance

the challenge all stars reunion episode cast members
The Challenge: All Stars reunion episode features 10 of the OG cast members. Pic credit: Paramount+

When The Challenge: All Stars reunion episode arrives, it looks like one cast member’s hookup while filming the season could get exposed due to a secret coming to light.

In the trailer for the upcoming special, many cast members will reunite to discuss what went down in the house and during the season, including all of the drama and inside details fans may not have known about.

So will the biggest showmance of the season get exposed when the reunion episode is released on Paramount Plus? Keep in mind spoilers will follow for parts of the All Stars season.

The Challenge: All Stars reunion trailer arrives online

After The Challenge: All Stars Episode 9 concluded with the final in Argentina, Paramount Plus presented a trailer for the upcoming reunion special. The reunion will feature Maria Menounos and Nate Burleson as hosts, grilling the cast members on all the spinoff season’s major events.

That includes KellyAnne Judd getting loud at one point asking if she’s allowed to express her opinions and also what seems like Jisela Delgado calling out some cast members for “coasting” to the final. That could include her referring to any number of her castmates who never set foot in The Arena for elimination and then went on to compete in the final.

In addition, Maria mentions what could be a huge reveal during the show. That one cast member was married while they were hooking up with their castmate during the season filming. Check out the trailer video here.

screenshot of the challenge all stars reunion cast members
Cast members at The Challenge: All Stars reunion episode. Pic credit: Paramount+/@dailychallengetea/Instagram

The big showmance that received a lot of focus during the All Stars season featured Jisela Delgado and Alton Williams. The two began to enjoy spending time together and getting to know one another as the episodes unfolded.

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During the final, where both competitors were in the running for the $500,000, Jisela expressed she would see Alton again after the filming ended. In various interviews and social media posts, she’s made reference to the fact she talks with him often outside of the show.

That includes a Twitter photo of Alton from the final she shared on Saturday, May 29 (below). Based on her emoji comments, it seems to indicate there’s still a romantic connection going on between the two.

That said, details could come to light about Alton’s situation back home, which wasn’t given any spotlight during the All Stars season. It was mentioned that Jisela was a mother looking to show her kids what she could do in her return to the show, but Alton’s situation seems a bit more unknown as far as a potential relationship or marriage.

The Challenge: All Stars reunion to feature most of cast

The Challenge: All Stars reunion episode will mark the ninth and final episode of the OG spinoff season. Based on the release schedule, it’s set to arrive on Thursday, June 3, and will likely have a similar running time to other episodes.

Not all of the cast will appear as part of the special, but 10 of the OGs from the season are in the studio, based on the trailer. That includes Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Jemmye Carroll, Derrick Kosinski, Mark Long, Yes Duffy, Jisela Delgado, KellyAnne Judd, Beth Stolarczyk, Jonna Mannion, and Darrell Taylor.

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Missing from the lineup will be some of the key cast members involved in drama or incidents during the season. That includes Kendal Sheppard, Trishelle Cannatella, Nehemiah Clark, Katie Cooley, Ruthie Alcaide, Aneesa Ferreira, and Alton Williams.

It’s possible other cast members will appear via Zoom or video conferencing, but if not, there could be additional details coming from those individuals once the episode arrives.

That said, Alton seems pretty lowkey in terms of his social media presence and interviews, so it should be interesting to see what comes out of the marriage rumors.

The Challenge: All Stars reunion arrives on Thursday, June 3 on Paramount Plus.

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