The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 3 rumors suggest three Real World castmates including surprise addition

the challenge all stars season 1 cast members at daily challenge
The Challenge: All Stars Season 1 spinoff cast at their first daily challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

The second season of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff has yet to arrive, and fans haven’t even seen a trailer for it. However, it appears a cast for All Stars Season 3 is already formulating with the potential for some serious star power.

Rumors are floating around online about which OGs from MTV’s The Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat shows will appear on the third season.

Based on the online speculation, three Real World castmates could appear on the spinoff, including one star who will surprise many fans based on recent online news.

The Real World castmates ‘very likely’ on All Stars 3

Let the alliance talk begin, as three castmates from MTV’s The Real World series are rumored as “very likely” for The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast. They included Nehemiah Clark, Melinda Stolp, and — wait for it — two-time champion Wes Bergmann.

The three cast members’ names arrived courtesy of @GamerVev on Twitter (below), who routinely provides different spoilers and rumors ahead of The Challenge seasons. The cast list typically starts forming with names added and dropped in the coming weeks.

The addition of Wes’ name to the prospective cast list will probably surprise a lot of people. In recent weeks, he made a big announcement that he wouldn’t appear on The Challenge regular or spinoff seasons anytime soon. That seems to have changed based on these online rumors.

gamervev gives the challenge all stars 3 cast spoilers
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

He and castmate Devin Walker cleared that announcement up to let people know he’s not retiring from MTV’s show but had other things going on, including significant life events. He recently revealed a major life event as he and his wife added a puppy to their family.

As far as Wes’ castmates go, Nehemiah would appear on his third season of the Paramount Plus spinoff. He failed to reach the final in Season 1 and teamed with Melinda for All Stars Season 2 to reach the final. Adding Wes along with them could certainly make for a strong group of allies and some entertaining episodes.

Several more OGs returning for Season 3?

While some fans may want to see an entirely new cast of OGs for each All Stars season, that doesn’t appear like it will be the case yet. Three more cast members revealed as “very likely” to appear in Season 3 are returning to the show.

They’d include Season 1 finalists KellyAnne Judd, Derrick Kosinski, and Jonna Mannion. Of those stars, KellyAnne and Jonna finished in a tie for all females competing in the All Stars 1 final. In a purge situation for the competing teams, Derrick got eliminated with his first teammate for the opening leg of the final, Jisela Delgado.

gamervev lists returning ogs for all stars 3 the challenge
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

However, spoilers for All Stars 2 indicate that both Derrick and Jonna returned for the second season. So that would make this their third season, along with Nehemiah.

With the six individuals speculated for The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast so far, it could be a highly competitive and entertaining season of the spinoff series. There are also plenty more slots left in the cast list to add some more OGs who haven’t appeared on The Challenge in years.

Several weeks ago, prospective details arrived about when The Challenge Season 38 and All Stars 3 could begin filming and start presenting episodes. Challenge fans will have no shortage of their favorite show in the coming months based on those details.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus. Season 2 is TBA for Paramount Plus in 2021.

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