The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Cast members share updates following their rumored drama and exits from the show

the challenge double agents cast members on location for mission
Several of The Challenge competitors may have shared social updates after their Season 37 filming ended. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge Season 37 currently filming episodes, MTV is preparing for another big season featuring drama and intense competition. That will include friends and supposed allies who may not be seeing eye to eye when it comes to the game.

Based on The Challenge spoilers, several cast members that were once allies may have had a falling out. They each have shared recent updates after their exits from the show, which came due to different reasons.

Read on for the latest Season 37 spoilers including possible names of eliminated or disqualified competitors and more from the latest installment of MTV’s show.

Disqualified Challenge 37 competitor reacts to online reward

In recent seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, viewers have seen alliances form and crumble. In particular, one alliance that seemed to develop over the past few seasons was the Big Brother alliance featuring Kaycee Clark, Josh Martinez, and Fessy Shafaat.

That alliance seemed to gain Amber Borzotra last season, although she ultimately partnered with Chris “CT” Tamburello and won the Double Agents final. Based on Challenge spoilers, Amber won’t be able to add a second title to her resume just yet.

Former Big Brother stars Fessy and Josh won’t be able to win their first either. These competitors have also been eliminated from the latest season. However, Fessy was deactivated from Season 37 due to a rumored “physical altercation” with Josh.

Fessy has seemingly been posting updates on his official Instagram since he ended filming. However, only a few of his updates really made any direct reference to being on The Challenge. One of them arrived this past weekend.

The @thechallengeoverdose fan account posted several awards for Double Agents based on how fans voted on their Instagram Story. Fessy won the “Biggest villain award” according to the superfan account. He posted a screenshot of that on his IG Story on Sunday (June 20) along with a caption.

“An award? Who? Me?” Fessy asked in joking fashion, possibly poking fun at himself for not winning a final on The Challenge again.

fessy shafaat reacts to winning biggest villain on instagram
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Instagram Story

It’s unknown if he’s going to still be seen in that role in Season 37. Based on Fessy having an altercation with Josh and Josh’s argument with castmate Ashley Mitchell getting her kicked off, the award may be changing hands.

Since being eliminated, Fessy also called out a Season 37 castmate for a boxing match, so it’s possible he still wants to prove himself, just not on The Challenge. Fessy, Josh, and Kaycee are all set to be part of an upcoming Big Brother celebrity boxing event.

The Challenge 37 star shared IG Story posts after elimination

Speaking of Josh, many Ashley supporters believe vengeance was served because shortly after her rumored DQ for an argument with Josh, he went into elimination and got sent home. However, he hasn’t gone home just yet, as it appears he may have been enjoying an extended trip to check out the area.

His Instagram Story recently featured some video clips which may have been in Croatia or a neighboring location. However, those have been since deleted, possibly so he won’t spoil his elimination or location for Challenge fans.

A photo also appeared recently on Josh’s IG Story, showing the Big Brother 19 winner shirtless with a message for his fans.

“It’s been a while,” he wrote, showing his slimmer self off in the mirror selfie. Notice the photo location tagged for Europe, indicating Josh was probably staying in a hotel room that he paid for, or that MTV had him in following his elimination.

josh martinez shares ig story updates for challenge fans
Pic credit: @josh_martinez_/Instagram Story

Josh’s elimination was one of the most recent in Challenge 37 spoilers, and it appeared there were only 12 cast members left to battle for the unknown prize money in the final. As far as who eliminated Josh, that has yet to be revealed, but many fans might be hoping it was CT, Devin Walker, or Kyle Christie.

A quick teaser clip for Season 37 arrived not long ago featuring host TJ Lavin on location. More details on when episodes air should start arriving soon, as the cast is getting whittled down to a select few for TJ Lavin’s final.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA on MTV for 2021.

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