The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Cast member shares message after rumored elimination from season

the challenge cast members after daily mission on double agents
The Challenge Season 37 is currently filming with eliminations taking place regularly. Pic credit: MTV

With new episodes currently filming, The Challenge Season 37 spoilers continue to arrive online, giving fans an early idea of what’s to come on the competition show.

That includes drama, hookups, partnerships, and eliminations that will take place. There have now been several major competitors who have left the show, taking away their chances at big prize money.

The latest spoiler puts the spotlight on a cast member looking to continue proving they’re one of the best competitors there is, as they were eliminated ahead of the final and may have reacted online.

Star competitor eliminated from The Challenge Season 37

On The Challenge: Double Agents season, viewers saw a few rookies really stand out compared to the rest of the new competitors. They included Natalie Anderson, Nam Vo, and Amber Borzotra, who all made names for themselves as threats in terms of competition to the veteran stars.

However, it was former Big Brother star Amber B. who ended up competing surviving to the final as a rookie, after winning two eliminations against Amber M and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. She’d go on to become Chris “CT” Tamburello’s partner, and they’d split the $900,000 in prize money for finishing in first place.

Both Amber and CT are back for The Challenge Season 37, but not as teammates this time around. Instead, various competitors are teamed up with international reality TV stars.

Based on spoilers that have surfaced online, Amber has unfortunately been eliminated from Season 37, ending her bid at a second-straight win. According to the thread, and IG post below, rookie Jeremiah White from Love Island US 2 was also eliminated recently.

Double Agents winner possibly reacts to elimination

It’s unknown what the circumstances are for the eliminations as far as voting goes or alliances, but it’s possible that someone Amber was close with ended up double-crossing or backstabbing her during Season 37 filming.

When cast members are away filming for a new season, they typically have automatic posts set up to go on their social media or they have a friend or family member posting for them.

However, it appears that Amber may have posted on her Instagram once she was done filming for Season 37. She shared an interesting message in a recent IG post (below).

“Listen y’all, you can’t be friends with those who broke your heart, ruin your life, took advantage of your love, kindness, and forgiveness. They don’t deserve access to you. Also, sometimes a mf doesn’t even love you for real. They just know you’re a good person and would hate to see you loving another the way you loved them. Lol life is funny…Back on my b******t!” Amber shared in her IG post caption.

Based on the other remaining competitors, there are possibilities for who she’s referring to amongst veteran cast members. That includes her final partner, CT, or other close friends, including Big Brother’s Kaycee Clark and Josh Martinez. There’s also Nany Gonzalez, who Amber may have been close with following the Double Agents season.

The story will unfold in more detail once any trailers, preview clips arrive, or the episodes start to air on MTV. Right now, the official premiere date is still unknown but expected for some time this year.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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