The Challenge: Double Agents cast members react to Nany Gonzalez’s emotional moment on the show

nany gonzalez from the challenge double agents episode 13
The Challenge’s Nany Gonzalez in tears after a big moment on Double Agents Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

Members of The Challenge: Double Agents cast and others from the show’s history are giving their reactions for a major moment featuring longtime competitor Nany Gonzalez.

Nany, who appears on Season 36, was super emotional following her Double Agents moment, even admitting afterward she hadn’t felt that way in a long time.

Keep in mind this post contains spoilers for the The Challenge: Double Agents season, up through Episode 13.

Nany celebrates emotional moment on Double Agents

For Double Agents Episode 13, there was just one Gold Skull remaining for the ladies. It was down to Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Gabby Allen, and Nany Gonzalez in terms of the female competitors yet to win one.

Everyone seemed to play nice in terms of the voting, as Nany and Gabby spoke up at deliberation. They told everyone to vote in Gabby so she could go against Nany, who would be sent in by the Double Agents power team of Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark.

Things worked as planned, and the two ladies battled in Ring of Spies. It was similar to the early elimination event where Kyle Christie defeated rookie Joseph Allen. However, the ladies had to run towards the center of a circle on the sand and jump to retrieve a ring hanging down. Whoever had the ring had to try to get away from their opponent and place it on a post.

Gabby used her strength to win the first round, but Nany fought back to win the second. She’d then put on an impressive third-round performance, leaping to retrieve the ring and then dodging Gabby to place the ring for the win.

That gave Nany her fourth-ever elimination win during her 10 appearances on MTV’s The Challenge. Her overall record stands at 4-9, but this victory felt extra special, as it had been a long time since she won one. In fact, it was a major knock on her from some Challenge fans, claiming she couldn’t compete like others.

The former Real World: Las Vegas star was also part of The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath show, where host Devyn Simone asked for her comments about the big win.

“I have not won an elimination in seven f*****g years,” Nany told Devyn Simone on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath show.

“I remember when I won. I remember laying in the sand staring up into the sky thinking, ‘Holy s**t, like I haven’t felt this feeling in so long.’ It was the best feeling ever,” Nany added about her victory.

Nany also praised her opponent, saying, “Gabby is strong” and “that girl is brolic,” adding not to doubt the rookie’s performance at all in that elimination.

It’s also worth noting that Nany admitted during the Aftermath show was close to leaving The Challenges due to the failures she’d constantly suffered just ahead of reaching a final. Thankfully, she stuck it out and got a big win on Double Agents.

The Challenge cast reacts to Nany’s big moment

In addition to appearing on the Aftermath show, Nany shared a photo from the episode on her official Instagram and provided a brief comment about the emotions she felt.

“Happy tears only,” the 32-year-old Challenge star put in her post’s caption, with a Double Agents hashtag.

Many of Nany’s Double Agents co-stars dropped by her IG post to congratulate her on the major win for her Challenge career.

“You killed it! So proud of you,” Kam Williams commented with a heart emoji.

“Proud of you,” commented her former teammate Josh Martinez.

“Yas queen,” Ashley Mitchell wrote.

“Well done queeeen,” Tula “Big T” Fazakerley wrote on Nany’s post also adding heart emojis.

“So proud of you babe,” wrote Double Agents rookie Amber M.

“I miss youuuuuuuu. Maybe I’ll watch this episode. #teamNAN,” commented The Challenge’s Marie Roda, who is a good friend of Nany’s.

During the Aftermath episode above, Nany also admitted she felt this particular moment in her Challenge career was also one where so many people had her back. So it was good to have friends in the game, rooting her on and helping her to finally get to the Gold Skull.

With the win, Nany secured the final Gold Skull and possibly a place in the final. Her selection of Fessy Shafaat as her new partner may have secured that even further. Nany’s fans will certainly be cheering her on every step of the way.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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