The Challenge 36, Episode 13 recap: Survive the Night mission arrives, final Gold Skull up for grabs

nany gonzalez and kyle christie in the challenge season 36 episode 13
The Challenge: Double Agents’ Nany Gonzalez and Kyle Christie during Survive the Night mission. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 13 opened with agents chained to their teammates inside cells for the Survive the Night mission. This was the first nighttime mission of the season.

Host TJ Lavin gave the agents tasks to do while they had to endure flashing lights and an annoying screeching sound in a dark warehouse. Ultimately, the goal was to be the first team to escape the cell.

This tested competitors’ abilities to work together, especially those who formed new teams in Episode 12. That included Nany Gonzalez and Kyle Christie, along with Cory Wharton and Gabby Allen. CT Tamburello and Kam Williams also worked together for the first time.

Competitors face Survive the Night mission

For the first part of their mission, TJ told them to lift a heavy medicine ball and hold it up until he said to put it down. After a long time, he finally told them to all drop the medicine balls. Next, it was time to eat.

The competitors had to consume a bunch of disgusting food, including ram testicles and fermented shark. There was a cheese drink to wash it down. That caused some of the players to become nauseous and vomit. Others didn’t bother trying.

During the mission, Fessy Shafaat revealed in a confessional interview that he was trying to throw the mission so they wouldn’t win. That’s so he wouldn’t become Double Agents with Aneesa Ferreira, and then someone could trade for him as their partner.

Meanwhile, CT Tamburello struggled to work with his new partner, Kam. Nany was also having issues in terms of eating food, causing TJ to question if she wanted her Gold Skull or not.

Kaycee Clark and Leroy Garrett finished their food first and then had to solve a math puzzle. Leroy got help from Kam to solve the equation. He and Kaycee opened a box to get hammers and then smashed through cinder blocks to find puzzle pieces.

They got to the next phase involving scratching a chalkboard to find a message, but Gabby and Cory weren’t far behind. Next, Kaycee and Leroy had to dig in the dirt to find special tools to break out of the cell.

Leroy and Kaycee dug quickly in the dirt and found the necessary tools to escape their cell. With the win, they became the Double Agents. Following the win, TJ called out most agents for not trying their best to endure the tasks. He praised Cory, Gabby, CT, and of course, Kaycee and Leroy.

Fessy and Gabby’s hookup continues

Back at The Challenge house, Fessy and Gabby continued to explore their attraction for each other. They’d end up kissing and cuddling a bit that night. Gabby admitted it was a nice escape from the game getting to know Fessy.

During a morning scene, Cory asked Fessy about Gabby. He and Fessy then spoke a bit about Tori Deal. Fessy hinted that he still had an attraction for Tori but wasn’t crossing any lines due to her engagement to Jordan Wiseley.

Cory said he could tell there’s a mutual attraction between Fessy and Tori. He joked that he thought Tori and Jordan would “call it quits,” and then Fessy and Tori would date for a year before escaping for Mexico. In a confessional segment, Fessy said he was enjoying Gabby but also liked Tori, so he had a lot to figure out after the show.

House deliberation and voting takes place

During the cast’s time at the nightclub, Nany spoke with Kam and Amber Borzotra about going into elimination against Gabby to get her Gold Skull.

At the house deliberation meeting, Nany and Gabby spoke up about wanting to go in to get their Gold Skulls. The house seemed on board with making Gabby and Cory the house vote, while the Double Agents team would put in Nany.

A question came up at deliberation if Nany or Gabby would leave their partners if they won the elimination. Neither gave a definitive answer.

Voting took place, and as planned, Gabby and Cory had the most votes. Double Agents Leroy and Kaycee agreed they’d send in Nany and Kyle.

Later, Fessy talked to Cory about not wanting to carry Aneesa through a final. He hoped that whoever won between Nany and Gabby would take him as their partner.

Aneesa had an emotional conversation with Nany about how badly she wants to get to the final after so many failed attempts. She felt Fessy was going to destroy her opportunity for her and that Nany would steal him as her partner.

Operation: Ring of Spies returns at The Crater

At The Crater, Gabby and Cory joined TJ down on the ground level as Compromised Agents. Double Agents Leroy and Kaycee stuck to their plan to send in Nany and Kyle. TJ revealed it was a women’s elimination.

The same elimination that Kyle defeated rookie Joseph Allen in earlier this season made its return. The ladies had to battle over a ring hanging down in the center of a circle and be the first to place it on a post. The first one to place two rings would win their Gold Skull. The loser would be eliminated.

The two ladies put up quite a fight in the first round. However, Gabby pulled Nany with her to the post and placed the ring to go up 1-0. Nany clawed her way back in the second round and wrestled the ring away from Gabby to tie it at 1-1. In the final round, Nany put on a strong performance to win her Gold Skull.

Gabby bid farewell to everyone and told Fessy she’d see him once the show was over. TJ congratulated Nany on the win and asked her if she wanted to keep Kyle as partner or switch. The show ended as Nany chose to trade for Fessy, Aneesa chose Kyle, and Big T was teamed up with Cory.

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