The Challenge 36 rumors: CT Tamburello used sneaky strategy with Double Agents castmates before big move

chris ct tamburello on the challenge double agents
Chris “CT” Tamburello at The Crater on The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 12. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge Season 36, Chris “CT” Tamburello entered the game as a fan favorite due to his memorable moments on the show and championship experience.

Once he teamed up with Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, it made them a fan favorite team as well, due to the dynamic of their partnership and how it seemed to help Big T flourish.

That said, things came crashing down when CT made a shocking move after an elimination. Based on Double Agents rumors, he was actually setting a sneaky plan into motion before that blindisde.

CT made shocking move in Episode 12

At the start of Double Agents Episode 12, viewers saw a Security Breach, which led to a double men’s elimination. In one matchup, Devin Walker was the top vote in the house, so he was up for elimination. He went up against Darrell Taylor and lost.

Josh Martinez was up for elimination in the other matchup due to receiving the second-most votes in the house. Since CT was part of the Double Agents power team, he volunteered himself to go into elimination and defeated Josh for his Gold Skull.

While that was a big win, the move he made next shocked people based on how he did it. CT basically said he was going to choose Kam Williams as his new partner, leaving Big T. He went on a sort of immature rant when he announced his new choice, which led to Big T feeling humiliated and upset with him at The Crater.

While CT tried to apologize later in the episode, the conversation didn’t go well at all. It ended up with Big T storming off, claiming friends don’t talk to her like he did.

In a recent Instagram Live Q&A, Big T explained why she was upset with CT, saying it wasn’t that he chose a new partner, but more about the way in which he did it. Based on comments from his castmates after the episode aired, CT was actually telling others he was going to leave Big T ahead of elimination.

CT was sneaky with Double Agents castmates

It appears that CT had a plan in motion to gain favor with other castmates ahead of the elimination event. During The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath show, castmates revealed they knew CT would switch partners if he won elimination.

Nam revealed on the Aftermath show that CT came to him one day before the elimination happened, asking if it was OK if he would pick Lolo as his new partner. Nam said it was fine with him. That couldn’t happen, though, because Lolo ended up leaving Double Agents.

Meanwhile, Big T said CT told her he was going around telling all the females he’d trade her for a different partner to get other people to vote the way he wanted to.

“He’s like, ‘Don’t worry I’ll never exchange you, I just want other people to think that,'” Big T said on the Aftermath show.

Nany Gonzalez also confirmed that CT came up to her saying he would steal her from Josh if he won in elimination. She said when she told Kam that, Kam said CT had just had the same conversation with her.

Ultimately, CT won and traded for Kam, so in a way he was honest with one castmate. However, his way of telling others he’d trade for them shows his experience in the game to know what it takes to make moves. He also had the benefit of winning a daily mission and then having a double elimination to help him out in doing things how he wanted.

However, many fans are still upset with CT’s moves. Not only did he lie to his partner, but also made her feel humiliated when he switched for a new partner. So, it should be interesting to see if he and Big T can patch things up going forward, or if she’ll continue to hold a grudge.

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