Big T shares why she was really upset with CT Tamburello on The Challenge: Double Agents

big t during a confessional on the challenge double agents
The Challenge: Double Agents star Big T shared more details about why CT upset her so much. Pic credit: MTV

After what happened on The Challenge: Double Agents, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley gave a bit more explanation of what made her so mad at Chris “CT” Tamburello.

The events of Episode 12 caused shockwaves in the game, as it broke up teams and alliances. That was due to CT’s decision at The Crater, where he finally was able to seize control of things for himself.

However, his outburst at The Crater didn’t sit well with his friend and former teammate, Big T. She elaborated on social media about what really got her so upset during events shown in Episode 12.

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CT made Double Agents power move but upset Big T

At the beginning of Double Agents Episode 12, viewers finally learned that the Security Breach meant there would be a double elimination. That meant that not only was Devin Walker facing elimination with the most house votes but so was Josh Martinez with the second-most house votes.

CT got to control the elimination matchups and gave Devin the choice of his opponent. Devin opted for Darrell Taylor, who beat him in the first matchup. In the second matchup, CT put himself into elimination to defeat Josh for his Gold Skull.

Following the victory, CT was given the option of keeping his teammate, Big T or switching for another partner. CT made the power move of selecting Kam Williams, explaining she may be better suited to help him at a final.

When he announced his choice at The Crater, he did so in a brash and rowdy manner with an outburst that many saw as rude and disrespectful. That immediately turned CT into a villain for many viewers. It also hurt Big T.

While CT would later try to offer up an apology near a campfire outside The Challenge house, it didn’t go well at all. Eventually, Big T yelled at him and walked away, feeling he didn’t give her a chance to express her issues with him fully. It seemed to create a major Challenge grudge, at least for those scenes.

Big T Erupts On CT After His “Apology” ? The Challenge: Double Agents

Big T says she ‘misjudged’ situation with CT

During an Instagram Live session, Big T clarified what made her mad about the partner switch and CT’s apology attempt later.

“CT and I were very close friends- are friends,” Big T said, potentially hitting that they’ve moved past their argument on Double Agents.

“So you know when we do all the challenges, the ones like you know, the bungee jumping?” Big T asked, referring to the mission she and CT won.

“I have a genuine fear of heights. CT would be very caring towards me. So when I have someone that has been so caring to me then act in a non-caring way, it just completely threw me off, and I was just about annoyed myself. Because it was like ‘Wow, I’ve really misjudged this situation,’” Big T said.

She added, “it’s a game,” and she didn’t blame CT for picking Kam Williams as his new partner. Big T said that CT’s delivery at The Crater when announcing his choice for a partner was what upset her.

Big T went on to explain why she was yelling at CT during his attempted apology at the campfire.

“I felt like the apology was staged, and even watching it now. You know, he’s talking at the cameras, he’s just like, ‘This is how you make an apology, blah, blah blah.’ I felt like that was very insensitive to my feelings, because I was just like, ‘Wow, I’m really upset.’ That’s what I meant when I kept saying, ‘He’s using me. He’s using me,'” Big T explained.

“I felt like he was using me for a storyline. I suddenly felt that this great friendship I had was actually just for TV,” Big T added.

Based on Big T saying she and CT “are friends” during her IG video, it seems they may be back on good terms, at least outside of The Challenge. Who knows what future seasons may bring as Big T continues to emerge as a powerful competitor.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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