The Challenge’s Devin Walker trolls Double Agents castmate: ‘That elimination was rigged’

devin walker during the challenge double agents confessional interview
Devin Walker’s recent tweet takes a few jabs at a certain Double Agents rookie. Pic credit: MTV

After events that occurred on and off The Challenge: Double Agents, star competitor Devin Walker is trolling another cast member who was part of the Big Brother alliance.

This time around it seems Devin is taking aim at comments made by one of his castmates after they left the show abruptly.

The reality TV star commented about the recent elimination on the show, joking about it being “rigged,” although he cleared up any misconceptions about his comments.

Devin Walker tweets about Double Agents elimination

Early in the Double Agents season, Devin Walker found himself at The Crater elimination against his friend Wes Bergmann. Devin won there, becoming one of the first few male competitors to earn a Gold Skull.

Fast forward to Double Agents Episode 12, and Devin was back at The Crater, facing another elimination as the house vote. This time he had more control over who he faced, with Double Agent Chris “CT” Tamburello letting him pick. Devin chose Darrell Taylor but ultimately couldn’t solve a puzzle quicker than The Challenge OG.

That meant Devin not only lost his Gold Skull but also was officially eliminated from The Challenge Season 36. He hugged it out with Darrell, and they seemed to be on good terms as he departed.

However, Devin has become known for trolling castmates on and off the show. He took to Twitter following the airing of his elimination to joke about how he lost.

“That elimination was RIGGED. @mtvdarrell dropped off the podium OUT of the drop zone. He CHEATED and @ChallengeMTV PRODUCTION let him win bc he is OLD…,” Devin said in part of his tweet.

“Actually that’s bulls***. Darrell beat me fair and square. He deserves the skull. I was outperformed, good win brother,” Devin tweeted with a cheers emoji to his castmate.

devin walker trolls castmate from double agents
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

Devin’s tweet refers to an event being “rigged” and being “out of the drop zone.” Both were specifically part of Lolo Jones’ comments about her exit from The Challenge. The Olympic athlete and Challenge rookie suggested she was forced to quit the show and that the Air Lift mission was rigged, which allowed a certain team to win.

Devin previously called out Lolo’s comments in other tweets, and it’s possible he could have more to say about that on a reunion episode or two.

Devin ready for return to The Challenge

With Double Agents, Devin appeared in his fifth season of The Challenge. While he failed to reach the final like he did in his rookie season on the show, he seemed to win over more fans.

Following his elimination in Episode 12, he also tweeted out his respect for the show and castmates. Devin also announced his intentions to return, even better than before.

“Honored to have played this game with amazing challengers and shared the black sand with two legendary challenge champions. I’m proud of myself and will be back stronger, more focused and better at talking s*** I promise. Thank you all so much for the love,” Devin tweeted out on Wednesday night.

devin walker tweets about the challenge double agents experience

While Devin will likely be part of the Double Agents reunion, it also seems likely he’ll be back on The Challenge for a future season. Many fans believe he took the entertainment value up a notch for the Double Agents season. Casting calls have been going out, with Devin amongst those contacted based on the Season 37 cast rumors circulating online.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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