The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 13 clip teases Fessy Shafaat’s ‘complex situation’ involving Tori Deal

fessy shafaat during the challenge double agents episode 13 clip
Fessy’s interest in several castmates is under focus in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

In the upcoming episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, viewers got a bit more insight into Fessy Shafaat’s exploration of a possible relationship with one of his castmates.

Episode 13 seems like it will spotlight Fessy and Double Agents rookie Gabby Allen, as they enjoy a flirty relationship to take their minds off the game.

However, it also appears more will come to light regarding Fessy’s attraction to Challenge veteran Tori Deal.

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Not only that, but castmate Cory Wharton drops some interesting comments about Fessy and Tori during a preview clip.

Double Agents Episode 13 clip examines castmates’ relationship

Ahead of the episode’s official airing, MTV shared a new preview clip for Double Agents Episode 13 (below). The clip focuses on Fessy and Gabby, who have been featured a bit in other episodes as they get to know one another.

Gabby admits to enjoying her time with Fessy apart from the game and cuddling with him because he is so big that it’s “like a bear cuddling you.”

In a confessional interview, Fessy admits that it’s a “matter of time” before they’re able to let their guards down and get to know each other.

In a separate scene during a morning workout, Fessy talks with Cory Wharton. Cory asks about things with Gabby and then starts to pose a tough question.

“Let’s just say Tori and Gabby are both in the house at the same time,” Cory begins to ask, causing Fessy to laugh about it. A flashback is shown to a previous episode where Tori was in the hot tub with Fessy as he complimented her as a competitor.

“Me and Tori have become just friends. She’s got a man, so it’s like, can’t cross the line,” Fessy tells Cory during their workout session. He adds that he “can’t help certain s***,” implying that there’s some attraction there.

“As far as Tori goes, there’s never been a line crossed there. I respect what she has,” Fessy is shown saying during a confessional interview.

However, he also admits, “I have a lot of stuff to figure out when I get out of here.”

While Fessy is saying it’s a “very complex situation” and he has to figure it out, Cory has an interesting prediction he reveals while working out.

“I think Tori and Jordan are gonna call it quits. You and Tori are gonna give it a go. You guys will probably date for a year. Then you and Tori can escape to Mexico,” Cory tells his castmate.

“Fessy wants Tori is the bottom line. Fessy has always been attracted to Tori. He doesn’t care if she’s engaged. He wants her,” Cory shares during a confessional interview.

Tori and Fessy have dealt with cheating rumors

Cory Wharton’s prediction came true, as Tori and Jordan officially broke up ahead of Double Agents starting to air episodes.

Their breakup reportedly happened not too long after Tori returned home from being part of the show. Some fans believed it was due to Tori cheating while she was away from Jordan for Double Agents.

With Episode 13, Tori won’t be part of the Double Agents cast due to her being eliminated earlier in the season. However, she has replied to cheating rumors a few times during the season.

She’s insisted she didn’t cheat on Jordan while she was on Double Agents. She may have more comments to make on the Official Challenge Podcast after Episode 13 airs.

Fessy has also dealt with rumors involving him and his ex-girlfriend Haleigh Broucher, which he addressed. Fans have speculated that Fessy and Tori spent time together at some point after filming ended, but neither has confirmed any relationship.

That said, based on The Challenge: Double Agents reunion spoilers, both Fessy and Tori will be there, so it should be interesting to see if anything new comes to light during those episodes.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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