The Challenge star Fessy Shafaat calls out castmate for boxing match: ‘Let’s make it happen’

the challenge star fessy shafaat in double agents confessional
The Challenge’s Fessy Shafaat wants to prove himself in the boxing ring against his co-star. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Fessy Shafaat is ready to prove that he can take down one of the all-time greats of the show, but not in a Hall Brawl or other elimination on the competition show.

Instead, Fessy has recently suggested he wants to take on his castmate, Chris “CT” Tamburello, in a boxing match, indicating they could go at it with “no security in the middle” this time.

The recent social media post from the two-time Challenge finalist arrives ahead of a celebrity boxing event he’ll be part of, which involves his previous reality TV show, Big Brother.

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Fessy calls for Challenge castmate in boxing match

As of this weekend, a lengthy social media post has been making the rounds on Instagram, which shows Big Brother and Challenge star Fessy Shafaat, specifically mentioning his castmate CT and asking for a boxing match.

Fessy refers to the fact that many people want to see who would win between them in a Hall Brawl elimination, but he doesn’t want to “leave it in the hands of the challenge Gods.”

“I know y’all want to see CT and I put some gloves on and go at it without no security in the middle Let’s make this happen. Let’s see who got it like that. I haven’t responded to any of these old heads sneak dissing on Twitter but with the way these boxing matches between youtubers are going we can really settle this in a boxing ring,” Fessy said in his post.

He goes on to mention his upcoming first pay-per-view boxing match against a Canadian Big Brother player, but says after he takes care of him, “someone set me up with CT.”

“No more what if they faced off in a hall brawl. Let’s not leave it in the hands of the challenge gods to see if we end up in a physical elimination against each other. Let’s make it happen,” Fessy closed out his comments.

The original comments that Fessy made, on an Instagram post, are shown in a screenshot captured by a fan/insider account about MTV’s The Challenge (below).

fessy posts about boxing match with challenge castmate ct tamburello
Pic credit: @jaychallenge._/Instagram

Fessy will participate in the PPV boxing event put on by Celebrity Net Fights Productions. During the event, he’ll take on Big Brother Canada’s Jon Pardy.

Not only will Fessy participate, but so will other former Big Brother stars from the US who are now on The Challenge. They’ll include Fessy’s Challenge castmates and allies Kaycee Clark and Josh Martinez, as well as Jozea Flores. Former Big Brother and Challenge star Natalie Negrotti will be part of the ring announcer team.

Challenge castmates involved in Double Agents argument

In Episode 15 of The Challenge: Double Agents season, cast members had a fun-themed 1980s night out at the club where they wore different attire and had 80s-style accessories. Despite starting as another fun night at the igloo club, an argument broke out between Fessy and CT as they got into it about who the “top dog” is on The Challenge.

Things became heated with trash talk and yelling, with CT even taking off a suit coat he was wearing for his costume. While he appeared ready to go at it physically, that never happened, and both cast members remained in the game.

Fessy spoke about the incident during the Double Agents Aftermath show following the episode, with other castmates there to give their interpretation of what happened.

Fessy Explains His Latest Beef With CT ? The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath

Fessy competed in two elimination events during the Double Agents season, both Hall Brawl events, while CT was in just one event. However, Fessy and CT never battled in those events during the season.

They did tangle briefly during the Road Kill daily challenge, which involved them grappling on top of a speeding semi-truck and trying to throw each other off the side into a net hanging on the truck.

Both Fessy and CT qualified for TJ Lavin’s final and competed at the end of the season. However, CT crossed the finish line in first place alongside his partner, former Big Brother star Amber Borzotra.

Fessy ended up finishing fourth with partner Kaycee due to her suffering a tough knee injury during the first parts of the final. He was also criticized for not attempting the eating part of the final, which Kaycee still attempted despite her injury situation.

That was CT’s fourth championship on The Challenge and Fessy’s second-straight appearance in a final in two seasons without a championship. Throughout the season, Fessy was in the spotlight for various reasons, including his dislike of the format of the show, where it was a team game featuring one male and one female competitor as partners. He continually mentioned wanting to prove himself in an individual competition.

Both Fessy and CT have been rumored as part of the Season 37 cast for MTV’s The Challenge, which is currently filming new episodes in Croatia. Most likely, the new season will begin sometime before the end of the year.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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