The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Veteran cast member eliminated just ahead of final?

cast members of the challenge double agents season
Cast members assembled during The Challenge: Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge Season 37 spoilers are continuing to arrive, there’s been recent drama that had plenty of fans upset about what could happen on the latest installment of MTV’s competition series.

However, there have been plenty of eliminations, quite a few hookups, and what appears to be an interesting alliance that could be featured in the episodes.

In the most recent spoilers, one veteran cast member appears to be out of the game just ahead of the Season 37 final, which could be intriguing to see based on some recent drama and speculation.

Veteran competitor struggling to find Challenge success?

Since The Challenge Season 37 filming resumed, one cast member has been involved in several altercations or incidents with fellow castmates. In one spoiler report, it was revealed that Fessy Shafaat was disqualified from the show after an altercation with his former Big Brother ally, Josh Martinez.

Within the past week or so, another incident arrived, which infuriated fans. This time, online spoilers revealed that former two-time winner Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell had been sent home due to an argument with Josh.

While Fessy isn’t as much of a fan favorite, Ashley has plenty of vocal supporters after seeing the spoilers. Now, it appears that Ashley and her fans have received some measure of vengeance.

The latest eliminated competitor, revealed by social media (below) and a forum thread, is none other than Josh Martinez. As of this report, it’s unknown which competitor was responsible for his elimination, but some fan-favorite cast members and several rookies are still in the game.

Season 37 will be Josh’s fifth appearance on MTV’s show. This latest elimination will mean another exit from The Challenge before reaching a final. The Big Brother winner has seemed close in several seasons, only to lose in eliminations when it matters most.

That said, he picked up his first elimination win last season, but overall the fans are probably wondering about Josh being continually cast for MTV’s reality competition series. A producer and casting lead recently shed light on that, indicating she liked many things about Josh and felt he would gain more fans within several seasons.

Do Season 37 spoilers indicate TJ’s final is coming up?

Based on the dwindling number of cast members that spoilers have shown, TJ Lavin’s final must be getting close in Croatia. As of this spoilers report, it appears there have been 24 eliminated competitors out of a total of 36 cast members.

That would leave 12 cast members competing to win it all, and one of them is a recent winner. Chris “CT” Tamburello, a winner on Double Agents, is one of the veteran stars remaining. His teammate, Amber Borzotra, was eliminated not long ago, though, ending her quest for a second title.

However, CT could achieve his fifth win on Season 37, which puts him just two away from the Challenge legend Johnny Bananas. It almost seems to indicate that a major alliance was formed with CT doing his best to run this season.

Other veteran stars remaining to compete with him include Devin Walker, Nelson Thomas, Amanda Garcia, Kyle Christie, Nany Gonzalez, and Kaycee Clark. Of those competitors, Kaycee and Nany each competed in the Double Agents final. Nelson, Devin, and Kyle have also competed in but never won a final, while Amanda has yet to make an appearance in one.

There are also several rookies still hanging around, so there could be some new stars in the making similar to Amber in her epic first season of The Challenge.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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