The Challenge: Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann reunite for Celebrity Sleepover as All Stars Season 2 rumors continue

wes bergmann and johnny bananas during the challenge total madness
Wes Bergmann and Johnny Bananas last appeared together on The Challenge: Total Madness season. Pic credit: MTV

Two of the OGs of The Challenge recently reunited, but not due to a growing bromance. Instead, Johnny Bananas had Wes Bergmann over to Los Angeles as his special guest for an upcoming episode of Celebrity Sleepover.

The two reality TV stars have multiple championships between them and appeared to be having a good time joking around. The former rivals also previewed a fun game they participated in for the future episode of NBC’s show.

Meanwhile, fans hope to see both of the former champions make their returns to The Challenge and are probably wondering if it’s possible based on this meet-up and the latest rumors and spoilers.

Bananas, Wes hang out for Celeb Sleepover episode

A total of nine Challenge championships have been accumulated between Wes and Johnny, with Bananas likely to remind fans the bulk of those are his. However, most fans will agree that these are two all-time greats from the competitive reality TV series.

Last week, Bananas took to social media with a video in which he let fans know Wes would be an upcoming guest on his newest show, NBC’s Celebrity Sleepover. He made a request for fans to send in their Truth or Dare questions so they could feature the game during their sleepover session.

Bananas gave Wes a proper introduction in his clip, calling him, “The thorn in my side, the freckle on my a**, the ginger in my Vitis, Mr. Wes Bergmann.” The seven-time Challenge champ then gives fans some wild ideas for their Truth or Dare game, such as asking if Wes was really left on a monastery as a child or daring him to take that paper bag off his head “and show your wife what you actually look like.”

Nonetheless, over a week later, the two finally began filming the new episode for this Fall. While Bananas hosted the previous episodes of Celebrity Sleepover on NBC via video chats with his guests, this one is a live and in-person deal.

Bananas posted some behind-the-scenes content to his Instagram page Story on Saturday (June 19). That included images or videos showing Wes wearing his gingerbread man pajamas and giving a flex in the background. In another IG Story slide, Bananas previewed part of their game, with Wes having to paint Bananas’ toenails. Most likely, that doesn’t even touch the wilder truths or dares that may have arrived for these two castmates!

Based on Bananas’ comments, the show’s new episode arrives this Fall, with no specific date given yet. The Celebrity Sleepover episodes typically aired after Saturday Night Live on NBC after 1 a.m. Eastern Time for its first season.

Will Wes and Bananas appear on All Stars 2?

As of this report, it seems possible. The two Challenge OGs have come up quite a bit in terms of fans wanting to see them appear on the All Stars spinoff series. Wes and Bananas have appeared on numerous seasons and even spinoffs together, with a heated rivalry that led to going head-to-head in several elimination events.

Fans saw them finally squash their longtime rivalry on The Challenge: Total Madness season to work as allies. However, viewers eventually saw Wes choose to put himself into elimination to try to get a Red Skull, only to lose to his new friend and ally.

Bananas went on to win that season and didn’t return for Double Agents since he’s now involved in other projects, including hosting First Look and Celebrity Sleepover. Wes appeared as part of the Double Agents cast and was eliminated early in the season. He later revealed he would be unable to appear for Season 37.

Neither Wes nor Bananas appeared in the first All Stars season on Paramount+ this past year. However, the man who was a major part of bringing the concept to the screen, former Challenge castmate Mark Long, said he’d spoken to both guys. Based on Mark’s comments, they both seemed interested in appearing on All Stars in future seasons.

Just recently, All Stars Season 2 rumors and spoilers have popped up, with filming and cast speculation. There has been no confirmation of any cast members yet, but Bananas and Wes have been listed on a spoiler forum as “up in the air.”

That means there could be some further indication in the coming weeks about who is on the cast and the alternates for the second season. As of right now, it’s a lot of speculation, and nothing is confirmed by Paramount+ or any former Challenge stars.

It is worth noting that the “up in air” list on the spoiler forum thread contains many former Challengers on it, including Wes and Bananas. That said, fans are hoping they may see one or both of these Challenge legends pop up on Season 2. If the duo knows something viewers and fans don’t, these once-unlikely allies may already be plotting to control the game on All Stars 2.

Celebrity Sleepover returns Fall 2021 to NBC. The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 premiere date is TBA in 2021 for Paramount+.

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