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The Challenge spoilers: Possible All Stars Season 2 cast rumors arrive with early filming details

tj lavin on the challenge all stars premiere episode
Will TJ Lavin return as host of The Challenge: All Stars 2? Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge spoilers are beginning to pour in regarding not only MTV’s upcoming Season 37, but also an anticipated second season of OG spinoff series, The Challenge: All Stars.

Several weeks ago, fans saw the conclusion of the first season of All Stars, complete with a two-episode final and then a reunion episode to close things out. It was just 10 episodes, though, and left fans wanting to see more former Real World and Road Rules stars back for another season.

It’s expected there will be a new season coming out in 2021, and based on the latest details, it could be close to filming. That said, this report contains possible spoilers about which cast members are potentially going to appear and when filming might begin.

Who will appear in The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast?

The first All Stars season featured 22 cast members, consisting of reality TV stars from MTV’s Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge shows. Among them were Mark Long, Trishelle Cannatella, Katie Cooley, Beth Stolarczyk, Derrick Kosinski, Aneesa Ferreira, Darrell Taylor, and Eric “Big Easy” Banks.

It’s expected that All Stars Season 2 cast will follow a similar format, and could feature a combination of returning Season 1 competitors and new cast members.

With that said, speculation has arrived about the potential cast members already, including who fans might see, and who they shouldn’t expect to see on Season 2. Unfortunately, it appears that Season 1 stars Jisela Delgado and Alton Williams may not return for the second season. Jisela is dealing with her injury rehab after surgery and needs recovery time, while Alton’s situation is unknown, as of this report.

However, two former stars from The Real World and Road Rules may be making their Challenge returns for the first time in many years. Former Real World: New York cast member Eric Nies and Road Rules: South Pacific star Tina Barta are listed amongst “potential cast members,” per PinkRose’s Vevmo thread. Those are the only two who appear under that heading so far.

Eric, age 50, returned for the Real World Homecoming reunion series on Paramount Plus, which arrived just before the All Stars episodes did. The 50-year-old reality TV star previously won on the Road Rules: All Stars and Battle of the Sexes 2 seasons. It would be his first appearance on any form of The Challenge in over 15 years.

Tina recently celebrated her 40th birthday and would be another interesting cast member to see back to compete. However, the two-time Challenge finalist had an infamous moment where she struck Beth Stolarczyk during an altercation, resulting in her being kicked off The Duel season. That season, filmed back in 2014 with episodes airing into 2015, was Tina’s last appearance on MTV’s show.

Is it possible they’d put her on the same cast as Beth again years later? Based on the forum speculation, Beth is a possibility, as she’s listed as “up in the air” for potential cast members. Keep in mind, Aneesa and Trishelle clashed before, and reunited on All Stars years later.

However, there are many other names for “up in the air,” including Season 1’s Ace Amerson, Kendal Sheppard, Katie Cooley, Teck Holmes, Darrell Taylor, and Jemmye Carroll. There are plenty of potential new All Stars cast members listed too. They include Johnny Bananas, Wes Bergmann, CJ Koegel, Landon Lueck, Coral Smith, Heather Cooke, and Laurel Stuckey, among many others.

Season 2 filming, possible release time, and host details

No official date has been given for when The Challenge: All Stars 2 might arrive on Paramount Plus. There’s been no confirmation from Paramount Plus that there is even a new season on the way.

However, based on insider information, the All Stars Season 2 cast is expected to depart on July 20 to begin filming the new season. It’s unknown what the situation will be for them as far as any quarantines. With vaccines available and restrictions loosening in many places, things may be much different from when the first season’s cast had to quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If they begin filming around July 20 or thereabouts, one would expect it’ll take a month to get everything filmed for the second season. There would be additional editing and production needed to bring out the episodes.

For reference, All Stars Season 1 cast members and alternates traveled to Texas around January 22 to begin their first quarantine before heading off for Argentina. The first episode of the show arrived on Paramount Plus a little over two months later, on April 1. That’s a good sign for fans if Season 2 starts filming in late July, indicating the first episode could arrive in September, or shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, a Season 37 teaser arrived for MTV’s Challenge, in which host TJ Lavin introduced fans to the location for the new season. It appears TJ will be hosting MTV’s 37th season, but with details scarce about All Stars 2, it’s unknown if he’ll be hosting that as well. Fans can only hope, although it’s possible another OG could also take on that role.

The Challenge: All Stars episode are currently available on Paramount Plus. Season 2 premiere date is TBA in 2021.