The Challenge rumors: Former Real World star says All Stars Season 2 coming ‘in the near future’

the challenge all stars assemble for daily challenge
The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 will happen according to one former Real World star. Pic credit: Paramount+

Many fans have been enjoying The Challenge: All Stars spinoff season on Paramount Plus, and with just a few episodes remaining, viewers already want more of the OGs.

While a second season has yet to be announced, it appears one could be in the works as some of the latest Challenge rumors have arrived from a former Real World star.

That cast member indicates they were asked about appearing on The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 and gave some insight to fans about whether or not it will happen. She also commented on the potential for another of The Real World reunion series on Paramount Plus.

Real World star says she was asked about All Stars Season 2

The first season of The Challenge: All Stars brought 22 OG cast members back into the spotlight for a spinoff series on Paramount Plus. Consisting of nine episodes on the streaming platform, it featured only stars that debuted on The Real World, Road Rules, or Fresh Meat seasons of shows from MTV.

Two of the cast members that appeared on the spinoff were Ruthie Alcaide and Teck “Money” Holmes, both of whom debuted on The Real World: Hawaii in 1999. It appears that one of their Hawaii castmates was asked to be part of a future season.

Amaya Brecher, an Oakland, California native, was 21 when she first appeared on that Real World. Amanda, now 43, previously appeared on two seasons of The Challenge, so she certainly qualifies as an OG. Teck competed in just one season before All Stars, but Amaya reached a final in her debut season.

She took to her Twitter on Sunday morning to let fans know she’d been asked about being on The Challenge: All Stars Season 2.

“Before anyone asks: I was asked and said ‘no’ to doing the second season of #challengeallstars. But, yes, there is going to be a whole new crop of your favorites competing on @paramountplus in the near future!” she shared in her tweet.

former real world and challenge star amaya brecher tweets about all stars 2
Pic credit: @amayasays/Twitter

That tweet obviously brought disappointed fans as Amaya shared she wouldn’t be part of the project. However, it also generated excitement since she indicated All Stars Season 2 would happen. Some fans even tried to get names from Amaya, but she wouldn’t budge on that.

In one reply to a fan comment on her tweet, Amaya said she knows “a couple of the names already signed up,” though.

“Trust, they’ll be fine without me pretending I enjoy physical activity. I know a couple of the names already signed up and don’t want to spoil the surprises coming your way,” she said.

former real world star amaya brecher discusses all stars 2
Pic credit: @amayasays/Twitter

Former Challenge finalist addressed possible RW cast reunion

While it’s unfortunate Amaya won’t be back for another shot at winning The Challenge, another fan asked about her cast possibly filming a reunion miniseries similar to The Real World Homecoming: New York. The Paramount Plus miniseries featured all of the original cast members moving back into their original NY loft, with the exception of Eric Nies, who had to appear remotely due to having COVID-19.

The Challenge: All Stars’ Beth Stolarczyk has commented about having a reunion with her Real World: Los Angeles cast members. That was the second season of MTV’s show, while Hawaii was the eighth.

Since Ruthie and Teck already appeared on All Stars, it seems both might have availability to appear in that sort of series for Real World: Hawaii. However, based on Amaya’s reply, the “logistics” won’t work in favor of putting together that sort of show.

That said, she gave hope that they may have a “mini reunion” in the future with some or all of her castmates from The Real World: Hawaii.

former real world star amaya brecher replies about possible rw cast reunion
Pic credit: @amaysays/Twitter

In addition to Amaya, Teck, and Ruthie, the seven strangers picked to live together on The Real World: Hawaii cast also included Colin Mortensen, Kaia Beck, Matt Simon, and Justin Deabler.

Of those cast members, Colin is a former Challenge champ. He appeared on The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes in 2002, where he was amongst the show’s three men’s winners alongside Jamie Murray and The Godfather Mark Long.

Amaya appeared on that same season with Colin but was voted off in Episode 7 since there were no eliminations. In her debut on The Challenge 2000, which also featured Teck, Amaya reached the final. Despite not winning that season, she still banked $6,830 in prize money, per her Challenge Wiki page.

The Challenge Season 37 is TBA on MTV for 2021.

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