Wes Bergmann reveals he’s ‘unable to return’ for The Challenge Season 37

wes bergmann during episode 3 of the challenge double agents
Wes Bergmann after his elimination on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Wes Bergmann, who’s been a fan favorite for many years on The Challenge, has announced he won’t be returning for the next season of the show.

Wes, who appeared on Season 36, aka Double Agents, had an early exit from the game due to some major power moves in the house and possibly due to some people he considered friends backstabbing him.

While many fans were hoping to see him return with a vengeance in a new season, the two-time champion revealed that he would be part of another project instead of the competitive MTV reality show.

Wes tweets he’s ‘unable to return’ for The Challenge next season

On Friday (February 26), Wes took to Twitter to make an announcement that The Challenge star said had him “scared for months.” Unfortunately, it appears one of the masterminds of the game won’t be part of the show for Season 37.

“I’ve been scared for months to release this news: I’m unable to return next season. I’ve got another show that I’m incredibly passionate about,” he tweeted.

“I’m sorry to those I’m disappointing because of this decision. I’ll make it up to you,” Wes said in his tweet.

With his tweet, Wes shared a Startland News article explaining the other project he’s referring to. It involves BetaBlox, a company that Wes is the founder and lead investor for. In addition to participating in The Challenge, Wes has also become a savvy businessman, entrepreneur, and investor.

Based on the report Wes referenced, BetaBlox is “an exclusive school for startups.” Each year, the best startups are selected to go through mentorship, consultation, and curriculum to help these concepts have a better chance of survival.

Part of the project will ultimately create a reality TV program based on the startups involved in BetaBlox. Per the report, “documentary-style pitches” will be filmed in the early summer, and filming for the first season of the reality TV series could be around the same time.

No specific launch date for the BetaBlox content is given. However, since Wes is a major part of the project, it will require a lot of his time which he wouldn’t be able to give if he was participating in The Challenge.

Wes felt hurt by friends on Double Agents season

In the first several episodes of The Challenge: Double Agents, Wes became a quick target of other competitors. Many of them cited reasons such as him being sneaky or a master manipulator. Some castmates even resorted to harsher words in their confessional interviews, possibly to play things up for TV.

In Double Agents Episode 3, the majority of the house votes sent Devin Walker into elimination. Then it was up to the Double Agents power team of Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark to decide who would face Devin. They both decided to send Wes down to go against his friend. Ultimately, Devin won in the elimination event to earn his Gold Skull and send his friend Wes home.

After the early episodes aired, Wes called some castmates out about their comments and voting him into elimination. He admitted he was hurt by certain people saying what they did about him on the show and making the decisions they did. That included Leroy Garrett, who Wes mentioned is someone he’s known for about 10 years inside and outside the show.

Even so, Wes appeared to be over it based on other interview comments he made following the episode. He continues to post his thoughts regularly about Double Agents on social media, even though he’s no longer on the current season.

As of this report, there are no official details about when Season 37 of The Challenge might begin filming, who’s in the cast, or what the format will be. However, The Challenge rumors online suggest that casting calls have gone out, and filming will begin in the next several months.

Based on Wes’s announcement, plenty of his fans will be disappointed not seeing him appear in Season 37 with all his strategizing, political game, and insightful commentary.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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