The Challenge spoilers: Season 37 eliminations and remaining cast members hint at big alliance

the challenge double agents remaining competitors before underwater dive mission
The Challenge: Double Agents featured an alliance consisting of Big Brother stars and other cast members Pic credit: MTV

While winning competitions and eliminations goes a long way in The Challenge, having strong alliances doesn’t hurt at all when it comes to increasing a cast member’s chances of making the final.

In recent seasons of The Challenge, viewers have seen Big Brother and Survivor stars stick together, or rookies form alliances to get rid of certain veteran competitors.

Based on The Challenge Season 37 spoilers that continue to arrive online, there could be a huge alliance that has formed to seize control of the game for the next installment of MTV’s competition show.

The Challenge Season 37 eliminations show trend

Elimination updates have been continuing to arrive via forum threads and social media posts, particularly from Instagram fan accounts for The Challenge.

It’s already known that The Challenge Season 37 cast will feature a lot of rookie competitors, many of whom come from international reality TV shows such as different variations of Big Brother or Survivor.

Based on a Vevmo forum thread, the upcoming season will see plenty of rookies getting sent home as the last four eliminations appear to have featured rookie cast members.

A social media post (below) shows that the latest of those was Bettina Buchanan, who was a cast member on the Norwegian edition of the reality TV show Paradise Hotel.

Based on the forum thread, nearly all Season 37 rookies have been sent home from the show, except for a few. Other recent eliminations featured Hughie Maughan, Ed Eason, and Priscilla Anyabu getting eliminated.

It’s unknown what the elimination events consisted of, but it’s clear that the trend is getting rid of the rookies, something viewers have seen in previous seasons. As of this report, Survivor Romania stars Emanuel Neagu and Emy Alupei have survived far in Season 37.

Something else to keep in mind is that there is no Skull twist or requirement for the upcoming season of the show. In Total Madness and Double Agents, competitors needed to earn a Skull by winning an elimination in order to be qualified for TJ Lavin’s final.

Is there a major alliance on The Challenge 37?

Ahead of filming for The Challenge Season 37, there was some speculation online that veteran competitor Chris “CT” Tamburello had contacted other castmates such as Cory Wharton and talked about forming a huge alliance.

Based on which cast members are still in the game right now, it seems that may very well be what’s going on with Season 37. The only veteran competitors who have left the game as of this report are Amber Borzotra, Fessy Shafaat, and Aneesa Ferreira.

Amber was the only one who seems to have been eliminated from those three, as Aneesa had a medical DQ, and Fessy is rumored to have been kicked off the show for a physical altercation.

Based on the Vevmo forum spoilers, remaining vets include CT, Cory, Nelson Thomas, Devin Walker, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Amanda Garcia, Kyle Christie, Ashley Mitchell, Tori Deal, Josh Martinez, Nany Gonzalez, and Kaycee Clark.

Four of those cast members competed in the Double Agents final, with CT on the winning team alongside Amber Borzotra and Cory on the second-place team with Kam Williams. Nany was on the third-place team with Leroy Garrett, while Kaycee Clark suffered that unfortunate injury as Fessy Shafaat’s partner. They finished in fourth place.

Only CT and Ashley have won a Challenge final from the remaining competitors, and each has won it more than once. So they appear to be in a good spot again, heading towards the Season 37 final.

That said, the huge alliance appears to be a collection of the various MTV stars from The Real World or Are You The One? shows, although Kaycee and Josh have managed to stick around too. Is it possible they betrayed their Big Brother allies Amber and Fessy during the season to help out the other alliance?

It’s going to be an interesting new season for sure, although based on the numerous rookie eliminations, it could have fans begging for those “dreaded” Skulls to return to the game.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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