The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 14 synopsis teases ‘breaking point’ for Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley

tori deal appears during the challenge ride or dies episode 13
Tori Deal has been dealing with her frustrations involving her former fiance during The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Throughout The Challenge: Ride or Dies season, viewers have watched as Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley navigate the game, as well as their relationship issues.

Earlier in the season, the formerly-engaged couple seemed to be working things out, even sharing the same bed without any problem.

However, as the episodes unfolded, a rookie castmate caught Jordan’s eye, and his flirting and cuddling with her rubbed Tori the wrong way.

Further creating friction between the former lovers was Jordan’s decision to vote for Fessy Shafaat at The Zone, despite Tori talking to him about not doing so ahead of time.

With Episode 14, it appears that Tori and Jordan will reach a “breaking point” in terms of dealing with one another during The Challenge.

This report will contain spoilers from MTV’s Ride or Dies, including Episode 14.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 14 synopsis

With each episode of The Challenge Season 38, the competitors are getting closer to TJ Lavin’s final. However, it doesn’t come without sacrifices and twists, with another on the way for Episode 14.

The 14th installment in the Ride or Dies season is called Terrorist of Love, which is likely referring to Jordan referring to his ex-lover Tori as a “terrorist” when voting at The Zone. At that moment, he said he wouldn’t give in to Tori’s demands and changed his mind about voting, opting to send Fessy into the elimination matchup.

With the latest IMDB synopsis for Ride or Dies Episode 14, Tori and Jordan’s relationship could hit a breaking point.

“A scary nighttime challenge terrifies the Challengers. Jordan and Tori’s volatile relationship reaches a breaking point. TJ stuns the players with a twist they never saw coming,” the synopsis says.

TJ has already brought several twists the cast’s way during the Ride or Dies season. Among them was the introduction of surprise teams joining the game, such as Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez or Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo.

A midseason twist also arrived in which the Ride or Dies partners got split apart, as two larger teams were drafted at The Zone by Moriah Jadea and Fessy.

Along with that, individual eliminations arrived, with TJ secretly telling the first several eliminated competitors they were still alive for a shot to compete in the final, as long as their Ride or Dies partner wasn’t eliminated.

So far, Nelson Thomas and Nurys Mateo were the first team officially eliminated since that twist. However, the rest of the cast doesn’t seem to know about it.

Trailer also spotlights couple’s issues and Chauncey’s panic

After Ride or Dies Episode 13, viewers saw a teaser trailer for what’s on the way in the next installment. An early scene features Amber Borzotra’s boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, telling The Challenge host he doesn’t think he can do something.

It appears that scene is from whatever the nighttime challenge is, with TJ revealing the competitors previously jumped off that same building before. However, that daily event took place earlier in the season during the daytime.

The trailer also featured Jordan and Tori in yet another argument, with the latter screaming, “You drive me crazy!”

“If you can’t deal with it, f**k off,” Jordan says in the volatile scene between them.

As mentioned, the two have argued in previous episodes over Jordan flirting, cuddling, and possibly hooking up with castmate Nurys Mateo in front of Tori, who felt her former fiance was doing it out of spite.

In Episode 12, Jordan had agreed with Fessy not to vote for him to go into the elimination matchup, then decided against it after Tori suggested Jordan needed to vote that way for the sake of their relationship outside the game.

It’s unknown what will cause the latest argument between Jordan and Tori, but one has to wonder what issue will be enough to push them to a “breaking point.” Episode 14 officially arrives on Wednesday, January 11.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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